Les Miserables’ Anne Hathaway to Ricky Lo, “Why Don’t You Invite Them?” [Controversial Interview Video]

Highly acclaimed entertainment columnist/journalist Ricky Lo interviews Anne Hathaway of the highly anticipated movie, Les Miserables.

anne hathaway ricky lo interviewhorrible

This could have been an ordinary honored interview with the one and only Anne who speaks highly of our own Lea Salonga, but unfortunately there’s one thing that seemed uncomfortable on this interview and it was the scenario where Lo made their conversation awkward and horrible on the last part that ended Anne to say to him, “Why don’t you invite them? I think they rather much hear it from you “

anne hathaway ricky lo interviewhorrible2

Ricky: Have you ever experienced to be hungry, poor, you know? Just      like the character (Fantine).
Anne: That’s a very personal question. (Ricky awkwardly laughing)

Ricky: Any message for Lea (Salonga) who’s looking forward to watching the movie and meeting you in person?
Anne: We’ve already talked about that. (Ricky again awkwardly smiling)

Ricky: And what about inviting your fans from the Philippines to watch the movie showing in January…?
Anne: Why don’t you invite them? I think they rather much hear it from you (Ricky again for the 3rd time awkwardly smiled)

Lo is currently bombarded by negative feedback and comments from the netizens after they watched the said interview:

ectingson “A multimillion, multi-awarded, classic, soon to be remembered by generations movie – and this newspaper sending an unprepared, Lea Salonga name dropper just to ask Anne how she got her weight back. This is so Ricky “LOW”.

Lakwatserang Paruparo “Embarrassing interview. They should not show this anymore.”

iamJheuzD “dapat nag research muna siya pati sa ibang site hindi l ang yung sa vogue interview bago magtanong, unprofessional halatang may maitanong lang, yung weight loss pa inuna nya e sa lahat ng interview ni Anne lagi nyang sinasabi na ayaw nya yung pag-usapan. Very common na mga tanong nya basahin nyo sa starmometer “Q&A with Oscar Contender Anne Hathaway for ‘Les Miserables’”.

Sa tingin ko kung si Boy Abunda nag interview mas maganda, may mga magic mirror pa”

VJ Mendoza “I have so much respect for tito ricky lo, he is an institution in philippine media, however, i guess this interview from the beginning never really worked out. I could only surmise, Anne Hathaway was tired from all the global media interviews that day, or ricky lo wasnt prepared. I mean Im not a professional writer or journalist but it happens you know, so i cannot pass judgement for whatever reason.i just wish philstat prepared him diction and grammar wise, it is an interview after all.”

Hathaway plays the role of Fantine, the mother of Cosette played by Amanda Seyfried. Also in the movie, directed by Tom Hooper, are Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman.

Watch Ricky Lo’s Interview With Anne Hathaway

-photos and videos credited to Philstar.com-


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