The Awkward Interview of Ricky Lo with Les Miserables’ Anne Hathaway [Trancsript Plus Video]

Since the video is no longer available, (Philippine Star deleted it probably because it was a failed interview), we therefore offer you some highlights of Ricky Lo’s Interview with Les Miserables’ Anne Hathaway.

anne hathaway ricky lo interviewhorrible

You can notice that during the interview Ricky Lo is holding his phone, glancing to it every now and then in front of an A-Lister hollywood actress Anne Hathaway as if he was waiting for some text or call or he was just waiting for a cue or the right timing to take off. Then he started the conversation after greeting each other.

Lo: “You lose the 25 pounds for Fantine? And how did you do it and how did you get it back?” (He snap)

Hathaway: (laughs sarcastically before answering) “I’d rather not talk about weight loss please”.

After being asked about her preparations for the movie, Hathaway talks about internalizing the “emotional toll” of “being a sex slave”, as part of what she did to “craft the character” of Fantine.

Lo: “I have a friend from the Philippines, her name is Lea Salonga.

Hathaway: “Really?! Oh I love her”

Hathaway with a smile shares her admiration for the world-renowned Filipina singer. Consequently, Lo handed his phone over to show Salonga’s message for Anne.

Hathaway: “Oh I have to meet her too” (after she read the message)

Lo:  “She said she could hardly wait to see the movie.” “Is it true that you said in a Vogue interview that you could never have compared with Lea and your mom was who played Fantine, Kate McCauley. 

Hathaway: “Yes . . . . “

Lo: “But true, you were terrific in the movie” (He interrupts)

Hathaway: “Thank you. I think if you think as an actor who sings, rather than a singer, I would be probably be more impressive. But Lea has one of the great voices of our time. Now I don’t think there’s vocally anything that she can’t do. And she’s made a career as a singer so I have complete deference to her. And of course, my mother has a very very beautiful voice as well.”

Lo: “You were there in the Emmy’s and saw your mom playing Fantine. What were your memories about having seen your mom on stage?”

Hathaway: “I was very moved. I cried. It was very meaningful for me.”

Lo: “Did you get any pointers from your mom?”

Hathaway: “No”.

Lo: “And for somebody who perceived to have lived a life of luxury and privilege  how were you able to identify Fantine?” (Anne seemed uncomfortable now, Lo might realized so he continues) “Have you ever experienced to be hungry? To poor, and you know, just like the character.”

Hathaway: “That’s a very personal question.” (BANG!- First offense and Lo laughs it out who seemed so awkward right then)

Lo: “What’s your favorite scene in the movie and the hardest to do?” 

Hathaway: “I think my favorite scene in the movie was when I got to come back as angel. That was with Hugh [Jackman]. Because I got to feel nice!” (Lo drops his phone.)“Oh, be careful”. “The hardest scene was I dreamed a dream.”

Lo: “Oh I dreamed a dream, yes yes yes yes…” “They’re saying that you’re a shoo-in for the Oscars next year. How do you feel about it? At this early?”

Hathaway: “It is early, I feel like it’s early. I feel like it would be extraordinary if that were to happen but I’m not counting on anything.”

Lo: “What about any other musical you like to do, maybe on stage or in a movie?”

Hathaway: “Many…many.” (She seemed tired talking this time)

Lo: Would you like to say any message for Lea, who’s looking forward to watch the movie and to meeting you in person?”

Hathaway: Well, we’ve already talked about Lea.” (BANG!- Second Offense, now Anne seemed irritated by this time and yet Lo is again awkwardly laughing)

Lo: “And what about inviting fans from the Philippines to watch the movie, showing January?”

Hathaway: “Well why don’t you invite them? I think they’d much rather hear it from you.” (BANG! EXPLOSION Final Offense- and Lo takes his laugh again AWKWARD and UNCOMFORTABLE)

Lo: “Ah ok then!” Afterwards, they exchanged thank yous.

4 thoughts on “The Awkward Interview of Ricky Lo with Les Miserables’ Anne Hathaway [Trancsript Plus Video]

  1. filipinos are just too proud. stop bringing up or dropping names to make an association. so what about LEA?

  2. oh dear, its a very awkward interview… hope this will be an eye opener to people who are in the show business, havin a phone while doing an interview is not a professional act never mind looking at it. Its a rule of the thumb in the modern world never ask a woman about weight and age please focus on their craft. talking to a person should at least show an interest. And most of all please consider this as a learning experience.

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