Richard Yap Apologizes to Jodi Sta. Maria Through Harana On Be Careful With My Heart!

Sir Chief played by rising male star Richard Yap finally apologizes to Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) via Harana in no. 1 daytime program in Philippines, Be Careful with My Heart.

Be Careful Sir Cheif harana si Maya

Harana is a traditional way of showing what you feel towards the other party by singing a song with your deepest and sincere intentions.  It was initiated by Tom Rodriguez who seeks forgiveness towards Aiza Zeguerra (the mother of his child) after he teased her about “weight and the diet issues”. Afterwards, Richard takes his action and serenades the family with his soothing voice and dedicated it to none other than Maya played by Sta. Maria.

“Huwag sanang magtampo, Sorry pwede ba?”, a line that is perfect to make the viewers feel “kilig to the bones”.  Yap really knows how to make a woman fall in love all over again and it seemed effective towards Maya who fortunately forgives afterwards. But wait, Maya still wants to resign! What will happen now to the Lim’s Family if Maya will leave them? How will Abby cope with this situation? And will Sir Chief really have to let her go?

Be Careful Sir Cheif harana si Maya2

Today’s episode has been the talk of the town and is popular among networking sites with hashtag #SIRCHIEFNATIONALHARANADAY trended on Twitter nationwide alongside terms Sir Chief, Ser Chief and Maya. Catch Be Careful With My Heart at noon on ABS-CBN.


9 thoughts on “Richard Yap Apologizes to Jodi Sta. Maria Through Harana On Be Careful With My Heart!

  1. sooooooooooo much like this tv series kakakilig sobra,,,,sana humaba pa ang be carefull with my heart,,,,bagay tlga kau sir chief and maya,,,more Blessings to come love u both of u 🙂

  2. Very kilig to death talaga.please tell ser chief that we use his picture during the farewell party of our nurse manager while the backroud music is bcwmy by see chief and Maya and it made everybody kilig talaga.

  3. grave na kakakilig talaga sila ni maya i love please be careful with my heart go,go,go,go……

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