Jhong Hilario’s Remarks On Nina’s Absence On It’s Showtime Get Criticisms!

It’s Showtime judge and mainstay Jhong Hilario gets negative feedback for his remarks and criticisms towards singer Nina who missed to perform with her Kapamilya group contestant!


Nina was not able to dance along with her group during the semi-final round due to a simple reason that she had prior commitment on that day which is to perform live in It’s Showtime’s rival noontime show Wowowillie of TV5. The Soul Siren is known to be a regular week-end performer of the show. Due to this event, the Sample King throws  not so good remarks on Nina’s absence and lack of support to the family on which she should handle wholeheartedly.

Photo: Girado Family! :D

But man, can you just keep it in your mind and don’t slip it in your tongue where millions of people are watching you in Philippine Television?! You’re a MAN right? Respect woman dude, respect a personal decision.

Check out some netizens’ feedback on this issue:

Mas malaki daw ang TF ni Nina sa #Wowowillie kaya ms inuna itels sa #ItsShowtime? Pero tama bang i-on air yan Jhonggo Hilario?!

#ItsShowtime. Nakakaloka ka @Jhongsample parang hndi alam ibg sbhin ng prior commitment. Pagmukhain bng msama si Nina. Nakakagalet ah.

Anong Problema ni Jhong kay Nina? #ItsShowtime nasa tv5 si Nina to perform,semi regular sya dun diba,fave ni Wil.Sana maintindihan nila yun

Priority lang siguro ni @nina ang kabila kasi don sya nagpeperform sa bar ni willie,mepavalentine show pa #itsshowtime

Parang ang awkward ng comment ni @jhongsample! May mali si Nina pero dapat hindi na on air niya sinabi yung ganun! Tsk! #itsShowtime

#ItsShowtime @jhongsample u should knw hw 2throw proper and correct question echoserang k.. Naku kwawa nmn c nina.. #Wowowillie

@jugsjugsjugs nakakahiya ang comment ni @jhongsample sa family ni NiNa. nakakasira ng araw. So stupid. #itsShowtime

.. @jhongsample napakatarantado mo. Bakit mo pinahiya si Nina!!! Nakakaawa ka! #itsShowtime #bitter yan kasi isa lang ang noon time show.

A bit off lang that @jhongsample had to call Nina out like that. Parang I felt awkward for Nina’s family tuloy. #itsshowtime

#ItsShowtime trending! But not in a good way coz of that rude comment to Nina and family by @jhongsample.

Jhong Hilario judging Nina about her whereabouts? Not a fan of the latter, but hey, Jhong’s remarks were totally uncalled for. #ItsShowtime

Ayan! Naghihimagsik ang ilang Twittizen sayo Jhong ‘ChakaPie’ Hillario dahil sa comment mo kay Nina LOLz #ItsShowTime

I felt bad hearing jong hilario’s comment about Nina. Dude everyone deserves respect especially if its a personal decision. #ItsShowtime

Kung makadatdat si Jhong parang kung sino. Hahay. #itsshowtime

To close this article, Jhong as a man should apologize to Nina. Be a man dude!

12 thoughts on “Jhong Hilario’s Remarks On Nina’s Absence On It’s Showtime Get Criticisms!

  1. GOD! nagpaalam naman pala si nina..kaya anong mali dun?! stupid!
    maging open minded naman ung haters diyan…ang kikitid ng mga utak niyo…

  2. mali c jhong dpt hnd on air at kalalaki nyang tao,cgro nka droga un,tingin nya ky nina lalaki hahaha…tigilan mna pgkakatol mo jhong, pti babae wla ka ng respeto…

  3. People here are so stupid. This is not a gender issue in anyway, why would you even bother signing up to a show when you know that you have prior commitments duh! As a professional, you should know your commitments. What’s more embarrassing is that she left her family during a crucial competition.

  4. this is not an issue about gender. and for the record, nina did not inform the show’s staff that she will be appearing on the other channel. she had a commitment with showtime. she apologized because she advised showtime that she was in Japan. last time i checked, Delta is nowhere near Japan. anyway, it’s done. let’s hope nina’s career flourishes despite her being unprofessional.

  5. She gave respect to the show since she apologized already. Remember the video presentation of her Kapamilya group?! tsk tsk Ok, Nina might be wrong (scheduling conflict), but it’s worse for a man to throw those remarks against her as a “WOMAN” esp. that it’s ON AIR. Did Vice Ganda throws some “ill” comments towards her? NO, HE DID NOT! That’s the distinction! RESPETO nga!

    Nina did her part. why? coz she did it professionally. Nagpaalam siya sa staff and crew. Even the video presentation showed it. It seemed like Jhong’s head can’t get the idea.

    Jhong on the other hand acted immaturely without thinking that it can cause tension. Sabi nga ni Vice ngayon, GALIT si Jhong. Bakit siya galit? Bakit siya lang? and the rest are just COOL lang.

    RESPETO? How can a man criticizes someone who’s not even there lalo pa’t BABAE yon? Harapin niya si Nina. Diretsahan not through the show. Yon ang TUNAY na RESPETO.

  6. in this side of the world, what Nina did is called LYING. the show was informed that she was to arrive from Japan and might not be able to make it on time. why should jhong apologize when it’s Nina who has a lot of explaining to do? what he did was exactly what anybody should have done… in this side of the world.

  7. TANGA! Prior Commitment nga! alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng PRIOR!!? Mas nauna ang meaning yan! Bobo! Si Vice Ganda nga hindi nakapagslita ng masama about s ngyari eh tong si Johng Kulangaot n hindi namn kasikatan eh nagbitiw ng ganun mga salita?! Sino siya ssa tingin niya? Ka-LALAKING tao, dumaDAKDAK s kalabang babae na walang kalaban-laban?! TANG K!

  8. mali nrin nmhn c nina no alm nyang may dpat syang gawin sa showtime eh mas inuna nya ung ibng network ,,,, bkt p nag karoon ng salitang first come first serve kmng ndi rin nmn kyang gawin hay naku dpat kse ndi n sinali si nina sa showtime ehh ndi nmn kse kapamilya yan KAAWAY yan

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