Princess And I Airs Finale with Mikay-Gino at the End, Dominates Twitter World!

FMTM Awards 2012 and TCC 2012’s Best Teen TV Series Princess And I finally closes its curtain for the last episode of the said drama disclosing a controversial plot of a royal wedding ceremony that lead Jao (Enrique Gil) being shot accidentally by his mom, Ashi Behati (Gretchen Barretto) to protect Gino (Daniel Padilla) and Princess Areeya/Mikay (Kathryn Bernardo).

xstarmagicball2012 50 kathniel

The I on the series’ title was finally unveiled and it is directed to Jao who shares his life journey with the Princess of Yangdon to his disciples (children) as he becomes a monk. But, ultimately it was the Mikay-Gino love-romance that supreme at the very end. Yes, they ended up together Princess Areeya and Prince Yuhan (their royal names).

Due to this beautiful ending, Princess And I dominates Twitter world both nationwide and worldwide with four hashtags #RoyalMIGIEnding #MIGIKahitNaAtKahitPa #ThankYouMikayAndGino and #MIGITillTheEnd.

princess and i kathryn bernardoPhoto: Tonight is the BIG night! :)Sino Kaya ang makakatuluyan ni Mikay? #TheRoyalEnding

According to unverified reports, the said royal drama series will have its part 2.

29 thoughts on “Princess And I Airs Finale with Mikay-Gino at the End, Dominates Twitter World!

  1. napaganda ng story puro question mark nasa utak mo kung sino talaga makakatuluyan ni mikay may sarisariling silang kilig moments pero namayagpag sa masa ang loveteam ng migi yung ending at nung before ending graveh naging memorable talaga tatatak talaga sa isip at puso na angsarap mainlove ng isang gino team migi parin ang ending so……………love it…………..kathniel is the best

  2. Bitter can;t you see the twist at the beginning of the story? might not cos you are complaining about it. Better watch it again so you’d see where and when the story got twisted! Before saying anything to the ABS better prove something to yourself first if you achieve something that can help Philippines.

  3. Bitter you. I;d say just because Mikay did not end up with someone you like you would say such bad thing to Daniel Padilla! Don’t judge other people! Better prove something to yourself first Miss! or whatever you are.

  4. It was an excellent ending I’d say, its so unpredictable, just like in a fairy tale books it sometimes about story-telling.

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