JR Royol Proclaimed First Grand Winner of MasterChef Pinoy Edition!

Band vocalist JR Royol was proclaimed first grand winner of cooking competition in television MasterChef Pinoy Edition.

JR dubbed as the Rakistang Kusinero of Benguet serves his last dish in the said show which he called “Chicken Bigorot”, an organic goose recipe.

“Ito po ‘yung fusion ng origin ko, ng heritage ko. Bicolano po ang father, and ang mom ko is proud Igorota. ‘Yung chicken, poached po siya with salted etag, and to put a twist of Bicol in it, gumamit po ako ng gata,” Royol explained to the judges.

“Tino-torch po naman ‘yung feathers, para magdagdaga ng extra depth and flavor doon sa broth niya. For the rice, I used heirloom rice and etag din,” he added.

The judges were all praised with what he served. Guest judge Kris Aquino gave remarks to his dish with perfection. The judges gave him 96.1 points!

“Hindi ako fan ng goose but I love yours, yung rice, yung layering ng flavors na ginawa mo at yung crunch [ng goose]. Nakaka-in love ka magluto. Yung smokiness…perfection.”

Housewife and home-cook Carla Marcaida was honored 2nd with her dish Tuna Adobo and Dilaw na Kanin which was the best cooked rice in the last round as describes by majority of the judges. But guest judges Kris and Richard Gomez agreed that the cooked liver was a bit salty.

On the contrary bubbly Ivory Yat ended 3rd on the race who cooked “Palabok Finale”. Accountant Myra Santos was not able to fight for the final round since she got last (4th place) during pre-finals that consisted of 2 rounds.


Host Judy Ann Santos was among the judges of the competition alongside Chefs Ferns Arcama, JP Anglo, and Chef Laudico.

Royol took home the P1 million cash prize, a culinary scholarship from the Center of Asian Culinary Studies, and a kitchen showcase from Fujidenzo.

4 thoughts on “JR Royol Proclaimed First Grand Winner of MasterChef Pinoy Edition!

  1. Congrats! Mabrook Mabrook Jr. you desrved it.Your great hamble guy.God bless You always.We are Praying and watching U all the way you Win it.

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