Cesar Montano’s Alleged ‘Mistress’ Krista Miller Speaks Up

Cesar Montano‘s alleged ‘mistress’ Krista Miller finally airs her side via The Buzz with Mr. Boy Abunda as the interviewer.


The sexy actress breaks her silence about the issue of being a home-wrecker to celebrity couple Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz. She completely denied all the accusations thrown to her. Among those issues are the sweet messages and sexy photos she sent to Cesar, their encounter in Manila Hotel and Cesar’s gifts to her like some luxurious things (iPhone 5, a A&Fshirt and chocolates) all recycled gifts from either Sunshine or her sister-in-law which was posted on her Instagram account in away of targeting the newbie actress.

“I have more than five suitors na puwedeng magbigay sa akin ng ganong regalo. Pero may pera ako, kaya kong bumili. Hindi ko hahayaan na pababain ang sarili ko nang dahil lang sa iPhone5.”

“Hindi ko po ugaling mag-send ng pictures lalo na kung walang dahilan. Kung mayroon pong nakita sila na sinasabing picture ko, wala po akong kinalaman doon. Hindi po ako nagpapadala ng kahit anong pictures at any provocative messages po kay direk Cesar.”

“Hindi po. He’s my director. I respect him. He loves his family, hindi po para bigyan niya ako ng motibo. Alam kong pamilyado siyang tao para magbigay din po ako ng motibo sa kanya. Iginagalang ko po iyon.”

Sunshine Cruz is currently looking for a house to move to and will soon make a showbiz comeback. Reports say, that she will be included in afternoon series in ABS-CBN.

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