“It Was Not A Kiss On My Lips”, Daniel Padilla Reacts On the Fan Girl’s Kiss Issue

Teen star Daniel Padilla reacts about his kissing fan girl during a performanc in ASAP 18. “It was on the nose, not on my lips,” he clarifies.


He’s probably the most popular teen actor today with variety of projects from TV to movie to music which all won our hearts and left us craving for more. Expectantly, being famous constitutes disadvantages like messing with your privacy and the uncontrolled ‘crazy’ and screaming fans which are either an indication of popularity or worse would harm and bring you another mess. The kissing of the fan girl kiss incident on ASAP was reportedly an accident. Even the Princess and I star clears out this matter on one interview with Mr. Boy Abunda for The Buzz Confessions.


“Pero ‘yun nga, hindi naman po tumama (sa lips). Sa TV lang mukhang tumama pero hindi. …Pero medyo nasipsip niya ‘yung ilong ko sa halik niya pero hindi po sa lips.  Hindi naman po natin maiiwasan ‘yun.”

On the other hand, Daniel also talks about his uncle (aunt perhaps) BB Gandanghari formerly named as Rustom Padilla about his take on his uncle’s (aunt’s) stand-point.

“Nakikita ko naman kay Tito Rustom masaya po siya e. Wala po tayong masasabi kasi masaya si Tito Rustom.

“Wala po akong karapatan para hindi tanggapin si Tita BB kasi wala pa po ako noon e bata pa ako noon e, saka masaya po siya. ‘Yun po ang importante, masaya siya, masaya na rin po ako,



5 thoughts on ““It Was Not A Kiss On My Lips”, Daniel Padilla Reacts On the Fan Girl’s Kiss Issue

  1. I watched this last sunday. haha! and parang di naman talaga sa lips eh. Kumalat tuloy sa FB ang pics nila. Bilis talaga ng mga Pilipino..

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