KathNiel’s Must Be Love Probability of Success in terms of Blockbuster Status: HIT or MISS?!

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla offer a post-valentine gift to their fans with their debut solo film as a loveteam in Star Cinema‘s Must Be Love.

must be love kathniel gross trailer

Popularly known as KathNiel, this onscreen/future real life couple made us believe in a fairy-tale happy ending in number 1 Primetime series Princess And I, built us hopes that a fan can win an idol’s heart in 24/7 In Love and gave us a realization that despite family problems, love still prevails in Sisterakas.

Can their team-up on the big screen as solo loveteam starrer makes it to the blockbuster corner?

This has been the initial question from movie-goers if whether their film would strike high or get low in terms of blockbuster status. For a fact that they are always trending on Twitter and they are also two of the most-talked about celebrities in Facebook and other social networking sites, these factors cannot guarantee the commercial success of their upcoming film, Must Be Love.

One solid example of that is Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona‘s debut solo film as a loveteam, Just One Summer which was only shown in cinema theaters for only  5 days achieving only P6.16 Million, a certified big box office flop! Despite always trending on Twitter and with the unending supports from their fans, the said movie still upsets the taste of the movie-goers.

Can Kath and Daniel breaks this unfortunate outcome?! What’s the probability of success of their movie? Will it HIT or will it MISS?

Based on our fearless prediction, the said movie will likely hit the blockbuster status with 95% probability of success. But there’s 60% doubt of this film hitting on 100 Million gross mark.

Their 2 movie teasers are quite memorable with interesting lines like “May babaeng gini-girlfriend, may babaeng bine-bestfriend.” 

It tackles a story of childhood friends who actually develop a wonderful feeling as they fall in love with each other. Patricia (Kathryn Bernardo), also known as “Patchot” is a tomboyish girl who is best friends with Ivan (Daniel Padilla). Will this affect their friendship? How will they cope up with this kind of leveled up relationship?

The said film also stars Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, John Lapuz, K Brosas, Arlene Muhlach, Janus del Prado, Paul Salas, Sharelene San Pedro, Miguel Morales, Kit Thompson and John Estrada and introducing Liza Soberano.

Directed by Dado Lumibao, “Must Be Love” will hit cinema theaters nationwide on March 13, 2013.

Must Be Love Trailers and Music Video

[Trailer 1]

[Trailer 2]

[Music Video by Sam Milby]

18 thoughts on “KathNiel’s Must Be Love Probability of Success in terms of Blockbuster Status: HIT or MISS?!

  1. its really obvious na magiging hit eto…dahil nyc ang main casts…flow ng story..marami kang matututunan…at yung pag arte ng dalawa…effortless talaga eh….yung normal lang talaga…sila na!!!!sila yung first lovers ive noticed for my whole life na sobrang sobrang sikat…it does have a great impact to their fans,,..especially me…im a no.1 fan of kathniel…go!

  2. sila na ang #phenominal love all over the world super ganda ng pilikula nila sa 24/7in love,Sisterakas princess and i growing up at must be love bagay na bagay silang dalawa sa arte palang lamang na sila kaya kathniel is the among the best,,

  3. grabeehh! nakakaloka . . ang aga aga pa namin sa movieworld . pero dami na agad tao! daming naood nang must be love!at nakakaloka . ! sulit ang pera mo!

  4. Daniel Padilla reminds me of Nora Aunor phenomenal popularity back in early 70’s. It is almost same in intensity, the huge excited hysterical crowds that used to mobbed Nora back then is happening again with Daniel Padilla. Daniel is the male counterpart of Nora Aunor…


  6. One reason why I know Must Be Love will be a phenomenal success…when Daniel Padilla had a motorcade parade in Mandaue Cebu, the crowd that line-up the streets was unbeliavable and the screaming and cheering of fans gave me a goosebump, wow!

  7. Must Be Love will be a big box-office hit simply because Daniel Padilla has mesmerized the masses. I’ve seen all the videos of his personal appearances nationwide and I’ve never seen such adulation, not even Piolo Pascual, Richard Gutierrez, Gerald Anderson and Coco Martin were able to generate such hysteria like Daniel, he reminds me of Nora Aunor, during her reign as superstar, Daniel was able to macth up or even surpasses the Nora mania in the 70’s…

  8. I believe Must Be Love will be a surprise blockbuster hit, many will be caught by surprise, Daniel Padilla’s phenomenal popularity is not a media hype, the unusual huge crowds at his mall shows, the excitement, the hysteria and commotion he created wherever he goes only prove that he is truly ‘the new superstar’ Many popular actors whose popularity was mainly created by the media failed at the box-office, as I said, Daniel’s popularity is not something that the media created but something that the public wanted, so watch out….

  9. hit na hit na hit %) billion pesos ang aabutin nya sa school namin lahat ng estudyante manonood nya on the FIRST day kahit NAT namin sa hapon kami manonood

  10. I have my reservations that this kathniel movie would hit the 100million mark but i’m pretty sure that it would still be a hit. Yung 1st movie dati ng kimerald (i’ve fallen for you) earned less than 50M so most likely ganon din ito. The story’s not great enough to attract and entice mature audiences like me to pay 200 pesos to watch it. I wish the actors, crew and star cinema all the best. Nawa’y kumita nga ito ng bongga. 🙂

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