“Mario Maurer Skips Shoot for Dinner With Cacai Bautista” – According to Sources of Boy Abunda

While comedienne Cacai Bautista already denied that there is anything romantic going on between her and Thai superstar Mario Maurer, sources of television host Boy Abunda revealed that the actor’s actions seemed to suggest otherwise.

cacai bautista mario maurer love romance
Speaking on “The Buzz” where he is a host on Sunday, Abunda said his sources told him details about Bautista’s recent visit to Thailand, where she reportedly had dinner with the Thai actor.

His sources said Bautista supposedly invited Maurer for a dinner but the actor was disappointed when he learned that it won’t be just the two of them.

“Ang unang dumating daw ‘yung manager ni Mario. The manager was the one who first arrived tapos si Mario daw ay dumating. According to my sources, si Mario was a bit disappointed dahil akala niya sila lang ni Cacai ang magkasama. ‘Yun pala nandoon ang kanyang mga kaibigan at kanyang manager,” Abunda shared.

Abunda’s sources also claimed that Maurer even escaped from his movie shooting just to see Bautista.

“When Cacai invited Mario to dinner – sobrang traffic sa Thailand — dumating si Mario sa dinner, according to my source again, nakamotorsiklo at pawisan. Tumakas siya sa shooting para lang makasama si Cacai,” he said.

Abunda said his sources told him that Maurer is really enamored by Bautista’s beauty and personality.

According to Abunda, he tried to ask for Bautista’s side of the story but the actress chose to keep mum about the matter.

“I wanted to do an interview to her but she is keeping her silence. According to a source, sabi daw ni Cacai Bautista, kung may magsasalitang una, it should be Mario,” he said.

mario maurer and cacai baustista
In November, during an interview on the comedy talk show “Gandang Gabi Vice,” Bautista and Maurer said they have become close friends over the course of filming of “Suddenly It’s Magic.”

-SOURCE: ABS-CBNnews.com


7 thoughts on ““Mario Maurer Skips Shoot for Dinner With Cacai Bautista” – According to Sources of Boy Abunda

  1. this is totally not happening! char! kung makareact naman aku akala mo GF ni Mario, well, well, well, ikaw na talaga cacai, i aslo dreamed about having Mario as a friend, kahit makita ko lang, OMG! ..

  2. hay naku…dito lang naman kasi sa pinas big deal ang looks,, pero sa ibang bansa di ganun ,, lahat pantay pantay,, go cacai…inggit ako sayo sobra.. sabeeeh 🙂

  3. love is not blind…. true love sees all …. starting today idol na kita cacai !! mar@cai

  4. ahahahahahaha isa pa ahahahahaha hays ahahahaha talgaaaaaaa gives hope to every cacai out there

  5. D ko ito kinaya , d ako makahina, indeed, fairytale really exist 🙂 Machange nga iyonb personality gawin kung ala cacai, charot lang! Syempre everyone is unique, cacai is cacai and iyon ang nagustuhan ni mario.

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