A Moment In Time Rakes P64.54M in 4 Weeks!

The Coco Martin and Julia Montes first team-up on the big screen, A Moment In Time rakes P65.54M in 4 weeks.

a moment in time cocojul grossThe Star Cinema romantic film is currently on the top as 2013’s Highest Grossing Local Films. On its closing week, the said movie earns P948,541 and remains on the Top 10 of the Box Office Charts as independent tabulator Box Office Mojo Philippines reported.

Hollywood film Oz The Great and Powerful debuts at no. 1 with P30.09 Million in  days while former no. 1 Jack the Giant Slayer drops to 2nd spot on this week’s chart and accumulates P88.62M in two weeks.

Highest Grossing Pinoy Films of 2013

  1. A Moment In Time- Star Cinema (P64.54M)
  2. Seduction- Regal Films (P6.59M)
  3. Menor de Edad- Viva Films (no reported G.I)

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