Kris Aquino Will Fulfill Her Commitments, ABS-CBN Says!

After her revelation on TV Patrol of quitting showbiz, controversial actress Kris Aquino is bound to fulfill prior commitments on ABS-CBN!

kris aquino kontrabida sisteraka

Kris has currently 3 regular programs, Kris TV, Pilipinas Got Talent and Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw. According to ABS-CBN management, Kris will continue to fulfill her commitments to her programs with the Kapamilya network, despite her announcement of her resignation on national TV Thursday.

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, Bong Osorio, Head of ABS-CBN Integrated Corporate Communications, said network executives will meet with the 42-year-old actress-host upon her return to the Philippines.

Aquino is scheduled to go on vacation on Saturday in Paris, France, along with her sons James “Bimby” Yap, Jr. and Joshua

Addressing Aquino’s on-air resignation, Osorio said, “Upon her return, Kris will fulfill her commitment to her soap ‘Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw,’ which is nearing its end.”

“She will also have to stay as [a] judge in ‘Pilipina Got Talent‘ till its end in June. Being a foreign franchise, there are commitments we have to fulfill and rules we need to abide by,” he said.

As for Aquino’s weekday talk show, Osorio said upcoming episodes had already been taped. “‘Kris TV’ had taped advanced episodes in anticipation of her long planned vacation with her sons,” he said.

It is unclear, however, if the daily program will resume taping upon Aquino’s return from her vacation.

“Meanwhile, we wish Kris and her sons a peaceful and restful vacation. We respect her need for privacy at this difficult time,” the ABS-CBN statement said.


9 thoughts on “Kris Aquino Will Fulfill Her Commitments, ABS-CBN Says!

  1. Kris couldn’t live a normal life in P.I. She will always be targeted by the Pazz and she can’t just have a random job. She & James are already divorced, so whatever happened in the past should be left in the past. They could be civil to each other for the sake of their son. In a few years from now, when Bimby is old enough, then he will make the decision whether he wants to stay closer to his Dad or not. Kris should respect that James is the father of her son and will always be the father of her son, regardless of their differences. Nobody’s perfect, it’s just a matter of give & take… I’m a divorcee as well and didn’t want anything to do with my ex but never have I told my son not to see his father. It’s up to my son and so as Bimby in the future.

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