Angelica Panganiban Reveals ‘Real Reasons’ of Break-up With Derek Ramsay “The Controlling Bf”!

Controversial actress Angelica Panganban finally reveals the ‘real reasons’ behind the break-up with former long-time boyfriend Derek Ramsay!

angelica reveals break up reasons with derek

The former celebrity couple has ended their relationship last year 2012 without releasing any official statements on their break-up. Now, Angelica finally unveils the reasons behind it.

On the April Issue of Star Studio Magazine, the Banana Split award-winning comedienne detailed the causes of their break-up which happened on March 27, 2012 through phone call. Derek was in Boracay at that time where he had prior commitments sometime in February 2012.

Angel and Derek were in the heat of arguing on the phone when the latter interrupted it with a question, “Ano bang nararamdaman mo?” [What are you feeling right now?]. Angel then answered that it would be better to discuss it after he returns to Manila but Derek won’t stop asking about it and forced her to answer immediately. Angel then said, “Wala. Wala na akong nararamdaman”. [I don’t have feelings anymore(for you)]In return, Derek answers, “Okay, it’s over.”

For six (6) years of relationship, they encountered several problems that lead to arguments, fighting and misunderstandings and finally ending the long-time relationship that they shared.

Angel shares the 3 major conflicts that lead the break-up with now TV5‘s hunk/actor and Kidlat superhero, Derek.

  1. Derek is a controlling Boyfriend
  2. Lack of support and understanding for helping her to look for her biological father
  3. The news and issue of his marriage to Mary Christine Jolly last 2012 which was revealed by TV Patrol, ABS-CBN

On the other side, Derek airs his side on Angel’s revelation stressing, “No comment ako diyan”.

ange and de

It is to be noted that Angelica also disclosed this issue on her Twitter account last November 13, 2012 via conversation and questions from her followers. [Click Here for the details]

16 thoughts on “Angelica Panganiban Reveals ‘Real Reasons’ of Break-up With Derek Ramsay “The Controlling Bf”!

  1. Individual person r so quick to past judgment 2an individual,that they don’t even know them personaly.Criticizing them as if they have no defected on there own personality appearance.INDIVIDUAL PERSON AMAZE ME.

  2. Ang tao nga nman mahilig magsawsaw sa gulo ng mga celeb ! magkano kya ang bayad sa kanila noh?Bago mag criticize ng kapwa manalamin mo na ok? only those individual that r unhappy,make neg comments 2 people.if ur in side r wrathful everything u do or say r wrathful also.

  3. kapag nagsabi pala ng totoong nararamdaman ngayon …bitter na …e tinatanong sya about her past relationship, sumagot lang si angelica, and pls leave kim chiu alone….sila na nga itong niloko sila pa ang masama….hello…ok lang kayo?

  4. Kawawa naman si Angelica, okay lang na mag-blab ang female and pagtakpan ng male for ego purposes. Hindi dapat nagdadaldal ang guy as much as he can…

    If Ramsay really did told her “it’s over” over the phone, it means he doesn’t respect and love Angel that much. Pwede namang pagusapan ng maayos at tapusin ng maayos but what he did was wrong. I pity Angel so much, mahirap mag-move on esp that 6yrs silang nagsama then tatapusin ng ganun-ganon lang…

    In my opinion, Angelica really did started the breakup, how, cause I think it was her who leads the said fight into that convo. Maybe Mr. Ramsay really is a controlling bf as per her experience and that’s how she fell out of love (I guess she really did get tired of their situation and decided to let it go even if she still loves him- front of nya lang ung line nya na wala na syang nararamdaman. Impossible un cuz 6yrs is a very long time)…. Either way di ko sya masisisi if she really did fell out of love for him, she has her reasons and only the two of them knows what are those…

  5. Yan na! Spotted Angelica lying again! Inconsistency makes you dumb! #VeryTryingHardSocialite eh ang pangit naman panoorin!

  6. Oo nga nagsinungaling si Angelica! HALA Bistado siya! Bakit kasi binabalik ang past! Hindi pa rin maka-move on te?!

  7. @Maryjane Napaka-sinungaling ni Angelica Panganiban!

    Eto yong sinabi niya oh!
    Tanong: Paano ka napagod sa kanya? ikaw ang nakipag break? (Why and how did you get tired of him and are you the one who initiated the break-up?!
    Sagot ni Angelica: Yup

    My God! Liar! Filthy Liar!

  8. kung mka pag react kayo parang easy lang sa inyo mag move on.. kayo ba ma inlove tapos nag break kinabukasan move on na? hypocrites!!!

  9. bkit mo namn dinadamay c kim sa awayan nila direk at angelica.. mabait na to c kim kya wag na wag mo syang idadamay sa mga kalokohan mo .. inggit ka lng kc sikt sya.. kaysa kay majarot …

  10. Eto lang ang masasab ko sayo Angelica. Diba happy ka na with JLC, then bakit nilalabas mo pa ito? Laos na nga si Derek sa TV5, hetot pinapalubg mo pa ang katauhan niya! Kung minahal mo si Derek, RUMESPETO ka!

  11. Ang BITTER ni Angelica. Hindi maka move on ang gaga! Katulad lang ni Payatot! Kim Chiu lang ang peg! Desperadas Sisters!

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