Vice Ganda Performs ‘Gwiyomi’ on It’s Showtime

It’s Showtime main host/judge Vice Ganda performs K-pop’s aegyo (act of being cute), the ‘Gwiyomi‘/Kiyomi in their noontime variety show.

vice ganda gwiyomi

Vice Ganda makes another “pauso” after the dance craze of Superbass, Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake, the comedian/host now introduces another K-pop aegyo craze which was actually gone viral months ago (last year 2012).

So what is Gwiyomi?!

Gwiyomi is a Korean internet slang which refers to “the cute one/little cutie”

하리 Hari (Danal Entertainment) is a South Korean artiste who sang the The Cute Song – Gwiyomi Song 귀요미 송 and back in Jan-Feb 2013, various Kpop artiste who appeared on Korean entertainment programs has attempted to act cute (During Aegyo Battles. Aegyo = act cute) with a few hand gestures/movements that was associated with the The Cute Song – Gwiyomi Song 귀요미 송. The first artiste to do so is believed to be Jung Llhoon of BtoB back in October 2012. The song describes the love of a girl and a boy in a cute way.

Kpop artiste who have done the Gwiyomi Aegyo include BTOB, JYJ, BEAST, SNSD, BIGBANG, BLOCK B, SHINee, INFINITE, 2YOON , Sistar, Teen Top, S­UPER Junior and more.*(SOURCE)

Gwiyomi by Vice Ganda

Gwiyomi by Korean Stars

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