Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 First Live Quarterfinals Performance Night Recap and Power Rankings [+Videos]

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 takes off first set of quarter finals on stage consisting of six acts namely The Security and Escort Battalion Combo, All In One Crew, Segutier Triplets, The Miss Tres, Marvin Arquero and Chaeremon Basa. Hosts Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano grace the stage with the applause of the audience.

Pilipinas got talent season 4 first quarter finals night

PGT’s judges are also back! Kris Aquino appears on television LIVE for the first time after her dramatic announcement of quitting showbiz. Ai Ai delas Alas wears a beautiful smile. She’s sparkling and blooming on that night maybe because her marriage is presently going smoothly- for being a MRS.? Freddie M. Garcie aka FMG stands for his strict personality as always but he’s the nicest person among the three I think.

So lets take a round down of what had happened last night on PGT’s stage:

1. The Miss Tres

What a voice for these lovely individuals performing Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Yes, they are gay but using their man’s voice creates another level of entertainment. It was ok but lacks in synchronization on the dancing aspect. Singing wise it’s mediocre.

  • Kris: “May level-up na nagaganap. You all became more beautiful. Vey clear diction. Malinis na malinis ang tones.”
  • Ai Ai: “Pang bakulaw pa rin ang boses. Nakakawalng stress ang Mis Tres.”
  • FMG: “I must confess I love you guys. You’re still one of the best.”
  • EnteRvrex: Don’t worry Sir Freddie, they also love you but WITH NO MALICE.


2. Chaeremon Basa

A 14 year-old boy who is obviously has modest background in bartending and flaring proves that he has his own magic and flaring powers that can amaze the crowd but ofcourse with sexy hot chicks on the sides. He missed sometimes but pulled it through with a nice smile. Still, it was a boring, ordinary and level 1 field of practice maybe because he’s still young.

  • Kris: “Napakagaling mo Chearemon”
  • Ai Ai: “Nag eenjoy ka pa rin. May bago kang pinakita. May apoy-apoy na. Flaring yes.
  • FMG: “What I saw was ordinary last time. So nilagyan mo ng apoy. Bilib na ako sayo.”
  • EnteRvrex: Was it the fire that made his act extra-ordinary? He just burned out part of the table and flares those bottles with fire on top in a very simple manner. Is that good enough? Oh my!


3. All In One Crew

It was BEAUTIFUL! This act produces multihued and magnificent visual arts in action. It was peculiar and distinct from previous seasons’ acts. But there were inconsistencies during their stint where I can see some lights on as Ms. Ai pointed out. It was above average but not that superb.

  • Kris: “ Sobrang fabulous. It was spectacular.”
  • Ai Ai: Nag dahil sa inyo, ngayong April, naging pasko.
  • FMG: “Love the act”
  • EnteRvrex: April is Christmas time, I mean Christmas Lights. Waste of electricity huh?! But It was beautiful.


4. The Security and Escort Battalion Combo

Musicians/instrumentalists with soloist are one hell of entertainment in a FUNNY WAY particularly the singer, Willie and his 3 back-up dancers/singers. The accompaniment from the band was not perfect. It’s below good, they are honestly boring- the sound. It was Willie who made their act a stand-out and due to it, friendships Kris and Ai gave their standing ovations. And I was like WTH?!

  • Kris: “Willie you are a star. Si Willie ang dahilaa ng standing ovation ko”
  • Ai Ai: “Dahil sa step nayan naka-standing ovation ako.”
  • FMG: “The choreography is fantastic, the music is ok.”
  • EnteRvrex: Agree FMG, music is just ok, but choreo? so bad! Standing ovation? It’s a big question!


5. Segutier Triplets

They are just 13 years old and they just brought Martial arts into Filipino style using Arnis. They started with a bang! Precise execution, flawless and synchronized movements and emotionally intact. What I mean is they were able to perform their act in accordance to their format- the martial arts.

  • Kris: “Death defying ang stunts. Impres na impress ako”
  • Ai Ai: Natuwa ako dahil ng level up kayo. Ang galling-galing”
  • FMG: “Truly amazing. Wala kong masabi ang galing ninyo talaga.”
  • EnteRvrex: I’m speechless too “sa paulit-ulit na comment ninyo”. Honestly speaking I was really out of words when I witnessed this one of a kind act from these kids. They are far-fetched! Fantastic 3!


6. Marvin Arquero

The magician with UMBRELLA in different sizes. He started slow, tedious and unattractive. Well, it was a usual routine. But it was truly amazing that I witness a kind of teleportation. It’s unbelievable. That girl can hide well and run SO FAST!

  • Ai Ai: Nasha-shock ako. Panu siya napunta doon. Ikaw pa rin ang Papa P ng PGT”
  • Kris: “Hinigitan mo pa ang ineexpect ko.”
  • FMG: “Malinis ang magic mo. Overall you did very well.”
  • EnteRvrexWorld: Please start in a strong aura. Blow it away even if you’re starting. It’s a good impact until the end. Boring at the started amazing at the end.


Here’s Our PGT4’s First Quarter Finals Power Rankings

1. Segutier Triplets- 8.12
2. All In One Crue- 8.03
3. Marvin Arquero- 6.86
4. The Security and Escort Battalion Combo- 6.82
5. The Miss Tres-3.56
6. Chaeremon Basa- 3.34

To vote via SMS, just type this following keywords:

PGT (space) ARMY for The Security and Escort Battalion Combo
PGT (space) ALL for All One In Crew
PGT (space) SEG for Segutier Triplets
OGT (space) TRES for The Miss Tres
PGT (space) PAYONG for Marvin Arquero
PGT (space) MON for Chaeremon Basa

Send to 2331- Globe, TM and Sun Cellular Subscribers (P2.50) and 231- Smart and Talk N Text Subscribers (P2.00)

And via Online using E-pins. Just visit http://vote.abs-cbn.com or http://www.pilipinasgottalent.abs-cbn.com/

For more details about on how to vote, JUST CLICK HRE.

—PHOTOS and VIDEOS are credited to Pilipinas Got Talent Twitter accountm follow them @OfficialPGT

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