[Photo] Charice’s Latest Hairstyle And Newest Look: Nice or Yikes?

Charice reveals new hairstyle during a local campaign of Team PNOY for the upcoming election! What do you think guys? Does she look nice (hit LIKE) with her newest look or would you say yikes (hit dislike) for it’s not suited for her?!

charice new hair boyish 2013

Charice’s former looks:

13 thoughts on “[Photo] Charice’s Latest Hairstyle And Newest Look: Nice or Yikes?

  1. What happen to ” i’ll try my best to maintain the right image for them” (charice in an interview thai radio). she may say that i’ts her right to what ever wanted, but the thing is people look up to her copying her…. Becoming an idol comes with responsibilities…

  2. just leave her alone with her hair style. what matters most is her inner talent. its a new world now, why condem a great singer performer by her looks? she’s not the only one that changes image in the industry, be reasonable people and be true, realistic. basta for me, as long as she continue to shine and brings pride to our country i’m with her 100%. Payo lang Cha stay grounded and try not to have an attitude as what other media say.

  3. You’re not showing a person with “edgy style” as you’re saying….you’re revealing a personality that’s unbecoming of you…. I will no longer patronize any of what you’re doing and making because I dislike what you’ve presently had become. OUT of THE CLOSET, have you????

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