Barretto Clan War 2013 Edition: Mommy Inday and Gia defend Claudine, Joaquin Shields Gretchen

It’s now getting more and more distressing as the Barretto siblings have come to take sides on the Claudine Barretto VS Gretchen Barretto Version 2013.

claudine barretto vs gretchen barretto

Mommy Inday Barreto and Gia Barretto-Reyes have gone against La Greta and on defense for Clau’s reputation while Joaquin Barretto or Jayjay has come to guard Gretchen.

The Barreto’s mother, Inday reveals her anger to her own daughter through an official public statement which was published by Ricky Lo in his column in the Philippine Star that despises Gretchen Barretto for her evil deeds.

April 22, 2013.

You are a liar, Gretchen.

Many of your preys will attest to that soon. That is the style that you use when you want to play with other people’s lives!

To correct your lies…

You claim Claudine said, “She will block Julia’s entry to Star Magic.” Who did Claudine say it to… you? Or did you just make this up to put Claudine in trouble with Star Magic and make Julia’s big following angry with Claudine? You did that before. Besides, Julia is very much “in” at Star Magic now.

That Claudine said she is the only Teleserye Princess of ABS-CBN and will remain one ‘till eternity. Hah? Did she tell you that or did you make it up again to block her entry to an ABS-CBN project?

First of all, Claudine was not a Teleserye Princess. She was ABS-CBN Teleserye Queen during her time, just like you were ST Queen during yours.

And, hello, showbiz holds no franchise to eternity.

Owners and big bosses go to hell, too, or to heaven in time!

That Claudine will ruin Julia’s career? Why would she? Next to Marjorie, “No one can love those (Marjorie’s) children more than Claudine!!!”

There is a track record to that. At hindi isang kagaya mo lang ang maka-manipulate niyan.

Huwag mo naman gawing tanga ‘yung mga tao, Gretchen. They and we all know that “Claudine holds no power over the industry!”

Who do you think Claudine is — the Evil Queen of Bhutan?

Raymart left home? Yes, it is true.
For a cooling off period? — Sana.
But if God wills it to be permanent, huwag naman sana. But still, our life is not in our hands! So, Gretchen, do you also want to include God in your “bashing” and drip your perfumed saliva for the misfortune of your sister?

Claudine has violent ways? Ay, talaga? Correct!

Nagbabasag ng plato at tasa ‘yan; buti na lang plastic, hindi ‘yung regalo ni Pres. Erap sa wedding.

I saw Claudine nagbato ng sapatos, natamaan ang pusa! Nabasa ‘yung shoes.

I also witnessed you, Gretchen, ah! When you were throwing expensive plates and vases at that time I was called to go to your place because nagwawala ka and you were threatening to swallow pills.

Muntik pa nga akong matamaan kaya I ran out of the house to the car on a Typhoon Signal No. 3, soaking wet. Pinalayas ako!
Yes, Claudine’s career slowed down but her talent did not!
What she holds on “record” for achievement, is “not gone” for how can you lose what you already have in your hand and kept in people’s mind? She doesn’t have to prove anything.

Julia and others will fare on their own — never dependent on anyone, comparable to none. They each have a gift from God! Oh yes, Julia is terrific, another good one coming. You are insecure if you believe anyone can block that! For the record, that (your insecurity) can be supported by a well-known doctor.

Claudine has no “mental illness”…“mental torture,” yes, courtesy of an evil manipulation!

Some of these incidents will support it.
You attack Claudine with verbal abuse by phone and text messages, like these:

Sabina — negra daughter of yours
Santino — abnoy
Raymart — bakla for not siding with you. (Note: Sabina and Santino are Claudine and husband Raymart Santiago’s children. — RFL)

You told Claudine that she has no more career to go back to. Bakit, si Malou Santos ka ba, si Vic del Rosario ka ba?

Ipadadampot — for what? (Planted or framed up.) There are bashers — 10, 15 or more, when one is popular — and still you would still like to accuse your sister as the culprit!

Do not call Claudine evil!

Do not start giving away that title that belongs to you and you alone, now that it’s burning your palm and scarring your beautiful face.

Some basher called Julia “maarte” and you blow your top!
You call Claudine evil, prepare to attack her and you want me to be “angelic?”

Ang dali-dali n’yo lang manakit ng tao. Power drunk! Pero pag kayo na, konting pitik gusto n’yo na magpakulong.
I am taking this fight — now in front of the battle.
I am going to take all the bullets you shoot.

Watch and beware it will ricochet kapagka ina na ang binaril.
Stop, please stop. Stop it na, ha! Stop it naaaaa!!!

For the longest time now and all these years you did nothing but make it your favorite pastime to play with the lives of my family, the family you are ashamed to own, in spite of the fact that I brought you all up well, humble and human!

You have attacked, accused, maligned and tried to destroy each and everyone of us in the eyes of society, starting from your father, I your mother, and each and everyone of your siblings including their partners!

People ask and some who do not know any better, might believe that maybe we’re cruel parents, neglectful and remiss in our duties to you! Only, you, alone? Because no one else is complaining about their childhood!

How easy for me to have explained my side, but how can a mother defend herself without destroying a child of hers no matter that she is EVIL?

Most importantly, I could not in all conscience correct the bad “impression” (image) you gave us. The truth is: This impression is the “Deceptive Device” you used to hook your man and landed you on the moon shining bright like a diamond!

I kept mum not wanting to rock your world but you are wrecking ours!

Gretchen, I am not a wimp, never been one, but lahat may “hangganan.” I have protected you all these years without exposing to the world the real you. But you have pushed many of us to the wall. There’s no other way but for us to defend our names! I have always loved you as one of my own, and always will, but love of my family belongs to the heart and not in the garbage can!

I am letting go of a child now who never wanted me in order to save one who has always been there for all, and with all of her love…Claudine! — INDAY BARRETTO

In reply to this, Inday’s son Joaquin Barreto takes opposite side and defended Gretchen and emphasizes that Claudine Barretto has some serious issue on her life. But on his official statement, there were no words found that seemed criticizing or lambasting Claudine.

April 24, 2013

The letter of our mother which was published today was shocking and hurtful. But what bothers me most was while she attacks my sister, Gretchen, and pictures as evil personified, she seems to have forgotten the truth.

Mom as you have gone out of your way to answer the issues that Claudine ought to answer herself, maybe it is high time to reflect on things and address these concerns as well.

You have lifted Claudine on a pedestal as a teleserye queen and labelled Gretchen nothing but a ST Queen. But who took over the role of her parents, worked at the age of 12, and gave up her education to put her siblings to school? Who put food on the table, paid for the rent, electricity, and hospital bills when dad suffered from his heart condition at least 2 times? Did you ever once stop her from doing such because you loved her and wanted to protect her just like what you are now doing for Claudine?

We all know the truth about Claudine’s condition. Gretchen never threatened about having her “padampot.” Whatever for? May I remind you that it was you and dad who had her put in hospital because you wanted to save her from destroying herself. Yes, Claudine is going through rough times. Again. And if you really love her, then you should take concrete steps to save her rather than hitting Gretchen simply because she is standing up to Claudine.

You claimed that Gretchen had been calling Claudine’s children names to her face. But how is that ever possible when Gretchen had long stopped taking Claudine’s calls? Hasn’t Claudine changed her mobile number many times while still owning many prepaid sim cards as well?

On the contrary, it was Claudine who repeatedly said she was going to make an expose. On what? We were clueless until bashing began on Instagram which is why Gretchen came to the rescue of Julia. If there is anyone who cared more for her niece, we all know it is Gretchen as she has proven when she chose to protect me and my siblings for a long long time. This explains exactly why, as you said, we never complained about our childhood.

Please mom let us put a stop to this before our family falls apart while there is still something to save.

Joaquin Barretto

To add more, Jay-jay revealed another statement regarding the issue and it tackles more on the details of Claudine’s alleged “serious problems”.

Why is he speaking up now?
“I couldn’t stand it anymore, Claudine has been acting up for so long. We want to help. But she’s into things, difficult things… Claudine can’t be controlled. She’s fighting everyone, but she’s manipulating my mom and dad into believing that it’s Gretchen that’s hitting her. I have to put a stop to this. We’ve been very divided since Claudine started acting up, and I felt that I had to say something. Especially when my mom wrote that letter—what was that about? Why did she do that?

We’re all in agreement—my brothers, Marjorie, all my siblings, although one is in the States. We’re solid on this. We’re all affected by this thing my mom did. It’s my mom and dad with Claudine. Please, we’re not ganging up on Claudine. We want to help. But she’s able to convince my parents that she doesn’t need help, and they believe her! They’re the ones who should see that she really needs help.”

Defending Gretchen

“I was so shocked when I found out there was a letter. I was even with my mom and dad when Gretchen texted. I had to go drive and get a copy of The Star. When I read it, it was too much! When I spoke to Gretchen, she was crying. She tried to talk, but after a while, humahagulgol na lang siya. Iyak nang iyak. Look, I’m close to Claudine. I’m close to Gretchen. But Claudine has got to stop, kawawa na si Gretchen! Wala namang ginagawa si Gretchen. Iba na ang concerns niya ngayon. Wala, tahimik na lang siya, ang tagal na.

Claudine is the one that’s on the offensive. She’s magulo. She’s fighting everybody—that’s true! She’s the one provoking. Claudine’s been provoking Gretchen for so long. If Gretchen speaks up, my mom will hit her and defend Claudine to death. She puts Gretchen on the defensive. Then Gretchen doesn’t say anything to defend herself. But Claudine can make my mom believe that Gretchen is after her!”

Claudine’s state of health
“My mom and dad asked for a meeting. They had gone to a rehab center in White Plains, and they had been advised to attend to Claudine’s illness right away. The very next day, they were supposed to bring my sister to the hospital. For her treatment, she was supposed to have a twelve to eighteen months’ stay, the doctors said.

But when my parents spoke to Claudine, she told them ‘I’m okay, I’m okay. Lahat okay.’ Paawa si Claudine. I don’t know how, but she managed to convince them that there was nothing wrong with her, and that Gretchen was the only one saying she was sick.
Now my mom’s obsession is to protect Claudine. Hinaharang niya any moves to make Claudine do anything. She just goes on believing that there’s nothing wrong.”

“You know, Claudine’s texts to Gretchen and Marjorie were the same things in her Instagram account, so we know.

Another sibling from the Barretto clan has air her side, Gia Barretto-Reyes. On her official statement via, she condemned Gretchen for her vicious, below the belt and so evil attacks.

“I respect that you do not want to be part of our family. At this point, we welcome it.

“Not at any point do I ever recall us forcing you to be part of us but we have never also alienated you during the times when you wanted to be with us. Even during the times when you battled with one of us.

“I say us because you have time and time again made extreme efforts to push us — mom, dad and all of us — away.”

“You have hurt us in ways that put the word decency to shame, you have had no rules when you attacked us. If the attack were physical then it would be bearable. Bruises heal. But the attack has always been vicious, below the belt and so evil that the wound borne from it cannot heal.

“It is done repeatedly and unsparingly with permanent damage in mind. You have tried to put mom and dad to shame with empty allegations without thinking that you, whether you like it or not came from them. You ridicule them in front of friend, strangers and us. And, you expect us to just take it.”

“Your claims of financial support for this family have no basis, because dad always managed to provide. For the record, we may not have been so rich but we were never poor.

“1. We live in big beautiful houses 2. Slept in carpeted, air-conditioned rooms, 3. Food galore. 4. Put in an exclusive school. 5. Members of exclusive country clubs. 6. We each have our own yayas, yours even a midwife. 7. Driven by chauffeurs.

“Long before you were born and even after you were in show business. At 12 years old, could you have duplicated or taken over this kind of a style, with your meager earnings?”

“We did not have an excess of things but we had what we needed. You were never forced to get into show business.

“I remember very clearly how you ran to the middle of the road when dad said ‘no’ to you entering show business. He believed that school was important.
“How sad that you cannot distinguish the lies that you make up and reality.”
Sinabi rin ni Gia na si Claudine ang tumulong sa kanila sa panahon ng kagipitan, hindi si Gretchen.

“No Gretchen, it was not you who helped us during rough spots. It was Claudine.

“You could not in the life of you convince her that our parents were abusive ones. It was difficult for you to accept that there was somebody who actually had pure intentions of helping where help was needed.

“You once told me and I quote, ‘I just disappear when things get tough.’ You have become great at these disappearing acts.

“Claudine made an effort to be there always.”

“She spoiled all of us not because she needed to but she wanted to. She unlike you, has never equated her value with money or material possessions.”

“JJ comments on TV are only credible in as far as he is caught between a rock and a hard place, because he is in your employ.

“It honestly pains me to see that you could put him in this situation. To pick between that and his parents.

“I echo mom’s words, ‘Stop it.’ We get it. We know you don’t want us so please hear us now… ‘We do not want you, too.’

“Please stop hounding us like an attack dog. We will admit defeat if you just leave us in peace.

“Just totally disappear from our lives without leaving a trail of vile and misery. Please.

“Enough is enough! Leave us alone. Leave my family alone.”

The fire is about to ruin their family! Will they let it burn up or will they dispense water to prevent it? It’s the family that matters most right?! Let’s hope for reconciliation among them.

9 thoughts on “Barretto Clan War 2013 Edition: Mommy Inday and Gia defend Claudine, Joaquin Shields Gretchen

  1. opinyon ko lang po..kung me dapat magkastigo at protekta s mga anak eh ang knilang ina…lumalabas na me kinikilingan c mommy inday…wag nman ganun kasi kung evil si gretchen eh anu po kayo?eh kau ang nagpalaki dyan,,sa inyo galing yan..sabi nga kung anu ang puno syang bunga…at dun nman sa mga kapatid ni claudine n si gia..maybe its tym na sabhin mo na din ung katotohanan about ke claudine,,,di ka nman bulag pra di mkita na lalo nyo lang tinutulak si claudine s kalamditahan nya…malaki ba bigay ni claudine sau kaya ganyan ka at di ka ba naabutan ni greta kaya ganun ka din,,kung sa tingin mo namamanipula ni greta si jayjay,,o eh baka ikaw din ni claudine hahaha…matagal ng panahon na wla ako naririnig ke greta lagi syang silent,,kaung mag ina dyan c claudine at mommy inday kau ang mareklamo at laging tumitira ke gretchen kau kaya manahimik,,di ba tinakwil nyo n si greta oh anu pa ba??mas naniniwala ako ke jayjay s mga sinabi lalabas din ang katotohanan..oh claudine mag pa rehab ka na..wag mo na sirain ang pamilya mo dhil sira na…kawawa nman si raymart…sya pa daw nananakit smantalang si claudine nga pag nka batak yata eh war freak hahahaha…di porket idol ng iba dyan si claudine eh mag bubulag bulagan n s katotohanan,,,gising gising din pag me tym…

  2. to be honest wla akong kinakampihan sa kanila… pero may napapansin lang ako, everytime may issue between gretchen and claudine laging one sided ang mother nila.. always kampi sya kay claudine and of course the people will believe to claudine’s side dahil my backup ng mother.. pasensya na po it’s only opinion pero dapat po diba po ang ina ay wala dapat kampihan sa mga anak? kahit sino pa ang nag-umpisa ng gulo and a mother wil be the peacemaker and wil make a way to reunite and reconcile her children??? but in this situation its too far from reality… ang nangyari kinampihan ang isa, siniraan ang isa. haay… kung meron mang sisira ng inyo ng inyong family, definitely it’s not gretchen but you… mas na-appreciate ko tuloy ang pagiging ina ng mommy nila ara mina and christine dahil sa kabila ng issue sa kanila ay wla syang kinampihan bagkus, kinausap nya pareho at pinag-ayos nya. Ganun po sana ang ginawa nyo kay gretchen and claudine at pwede nyo namn sila kausapin privately without exposing this matters to public. Kayo lang din po ang makakapagbuo muli ng inyong pamilya.

  3. so sad…so, so sad…. im not siding anybody pero di dpat nangyayari ito ngaun sa kanila at isinasa publiko pa. mas mabuti pa ung magsampalan na lng cla kesa inilalabas nila ang kasiraan ng bawat isa…i’m sure pag may namatay na isa sa inyo iiyak at iiyakan din ninyo.

  4. Basta ang alm ko . Never ko narinig sumali ang prents nla sa knlang away. Only now, maybe bcoz gretchen is to much already. Wlang parents na gustong makita nagaaway away ang mga ank nya. C claudine khit hindi na ganun kalaki ang kinita nya ngaun. Anjan pa rin sa side nya ang mga sumusuporta sa kanya. Ibig sbhin totoong tao sya,,,,

  5. Happy Mothers Day barreto clans.. sana makita nyo kung anu ang importante ng magulang sa anak at ng anak sa magulang.. TALO NYO PA ANG TELESERYENG INA, KAPATID, ANAK… hay!

  6. kung ang tawag sa anak ay evil… anu kaya pede itawag sa pinagmulan ng evil na to? hehehe….

  7. it is not a good example to the people. If they have family problem or something that concerns their relationship with one of the family members, they should talk over about it privately. What’s the point of having it broadcasted across the world? Filipinos are now faced with so much disasters, beaten up so much by our corrupt society. Barretto family, tigil tigilan nyo tong kalokohan nyo. Isa ba tong pakulo nyo para makilala muli? Kilala na kayo ng masa kaya wag na kau umepal sa problema ng mga pilipino..

  8. i have few concerns, bakit ganun ang mama nya? dapat yung ina nyah yung magproprotiktah sa anak eh.. bakit sinisiraan na ito sa public?? kahit pa cguro mamamatay tao ang anak mo d naman cguro dapat na ilantad mo yung baho ng pamilya nyo at siraan ang isa sa mata ng publiko. sabi pa dun matagal na daw sinisiraan at pinapasama ang tingin ng mga tao sa kanila bilang parents, wala naman akong naririnig oh nababasa na ganun. kay claudine naman marami akong nababalitaan sa kamalditahan nya pero wala naman akong narinig oh nabasa oh nakita sa tv na siniraan ni gretchen c claudine… noon pa ako na iintrga kai claudine nung pagkamatay ni rico yan xa yung sinisisi ng mga kapamilya ni rico and y is that so??? maxado lang talaganng mabait si rico para di magsalitah bout kai claudine that time hanggang ikinamatay na nya..hhhhmm??? ewan ko sa kanila oie.. problema nila yan… 😀

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