Barretto Clan War 2013 Edition: Sisters Gretchen and Marjorie VS Claudine

The Barretto sisters are in dispute again! Drama Queen Claudine Barretto is having a family feud with sisters “La Greta” Gretchen Barretto and politician Marjorie Barretto.

claudine vs gretchen marjorie

The tension started when Gretchen and Marjorie defended the latter’s daughter, Julia Barretto from bashers in Twitter and Instagram who keep criticizing the ABS-CBN’s promising Star Magic talent. La Greta and Marj assumed that it was Claudine who’s behind the online attacks. Consequently, Gretchen shared an intriguing post on her IG account about Clau’s husband Raymart Santiago’s Porsche car which was allegedly broken down by Clau.

 “Yuck. You know what yuck is? Your husband walked out coz you violent ways. What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. oh pls reflect and go to your happy place..Medical City.”

The former Kampamilya Teleserye Queen then posted on her IG account a photo of her with daughter Sabina and the controversial Porsche Car in answer to Gretchen’s IG post with a caption:

“Thank u so much. hope this answers some of your questions. thank u all for ur luv & support sa mga panahon na sobra sobra na po ang pinagdadaanan ko. May God bless u all for not judging based on hearsay. maraming salamat po”

In line with this, there are blind items directing the separation of the celebrity couple Claudine and Raymart and ostensibly the husband has left their house and is not back yet as of this moment.

And to top it all, the other issue that made this Barretto Clan War explodes is that when an IG photo of a child was uploaded by an anonymous user that seemingly directed to be Marjorie’s own. Gretchen and Marjorie denied it and blamed Claudine as the one who exposed it. This must have been the roots of the roots of the War of the Barretto Clan.

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