Charice Rocks With Latest Look and Tattoos [Photo]

International Pinay Pop Superstar Charice has once again made it to the headlines! And ofcourse, it is still about her hair, her manly look and now her tattoos! CHARICE NEW LOOK tatoo short hair rock

Charice’s look as of May 12, 2013

Charice’s new viral photo with ‘rock sign’ may be a way of expressing herself that what she is doing with her life right now is her own choice and it keeps rocking her world. The tattoos on her body may also be considered as a way of loving herself.

Can we just leave Charice’s own choice of physical transformation and patronized her music instead?

Check out Charice looks before:

charice new hair boyish 2013

charice-new-look-2013-338x344charice pusong batocharicecharice_photos_fingerprint

8 thoughts on “Charice Rocks With Latest Look and Tattoos [Photo]

  1. This is so sad đŸ˜¦ I really loved and adored this girl, now I don’t even want to look at it…

  2. am no homophobic but the fact of giving up on ur mum how do you live with urself knowing ur mum is not happy with you nd you can still be wat u are without changing your looks,stop being selfish and think of people you hurting

  3. ur reli lucky to hav such a wonderful voice coz if not, i dont know wat can we admire u for..u were so cute before! i like the old charisse, but we’re not you so we cant do anything about ur own least you love yourself.GODBLESS!

  4. So what kung gay sya…. mas nagus2han ko pa nga sya ngayon, kasi nagpakatotoo na sya unlike before na suot babae nga sya halata naman ang kilos nya…. well charice I was very happy for you…. for me tama ang ginawa mo, tama naman na mahalin mo ang sarili mo, walang ibang tatangap at magmamahal syo undi sarili mo lang kaya go lang ng go……. Good luck syo… and God bless…… đŸ™‚ frm jahjah……

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