Vice Ganda Mocks Jessica Soho During His Concert, Apologizes On National TV! [Video]

Vice Ganda announces his deepest apology towards GMA’s award-winning news anchor Jessica Soho on national TV via It’s Showtime after he joked and mocked Jessica Soho during his I-Vice Ganda Mo Ako Sa Araneta Concert.

On April 29, 2013, Wednesday, the comedian/host admitted he had offended Soho and some other people who he used as subjects of his jokes which is about Soho’s physical attributes and the gang rape joke.

This is what Vice Ganda’s punchline during his concert: “Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Sobra. Ang hirap nga lang kung si Jessica Soho magbo-bold. Kailangan gang rape lagi. Sasabihin ng rapist, ‘Ipasa ang lechon.’ Sasabihin naman ni Jessica, ‘Eh nasaan yung apple?’’

In answer to that, Jose Marie Viceral with all of his sincerity, apologizes to the prime news anchor: “Buong puso kong gustong humingi ng tawad ke Jessicca Soho. I tried to call Soho Wednesday morning to personally offer my apology. Mam Soho answered the telephone but told me she was not in a good mood to talk”.

Vice Ganda said he thanked Soho and admitted the TV exec might not be ready yet to forgive him. So Vice Ganda made his offer of apology public and promised not to include Soho among the people who will be the subject of his jokes.

He also said he did not mean to malign or ridicule rape victims when he made the jokes during his concert.

“I’m not a perfect comedian. I’m sure not all my jokes are funny. But it actually depends on people hearing those jokes how they will take it,’’ he said.

But he reiterated his apology to the people he might have offended in his jokes.

“I would like to make clear to all that I have no intention of making fun of victims of rape…nevertheless, I would like to apologize to those who felt they were offended,” he said.

Vice Ganda said he was hoping that his apology would put an end to the controversy and speculations.


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