Roel Manlangit is Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 Grand Winner

A male singer again wins the show! 13 year-old YouTube sensation Roel Manlangit is voted grand winner of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4!

This is the 4th consecutive year that singers prevail as grand winners of the said show.

  • Top 3: MP3 Band, Roel Manlangit, Frankendal Fabroa
  • Bottom 3: Zilent Overload, Lateral Drift Productions, Intensity Breakers (our bet)

Roel takes home P2 Million pesos! Congratulations!

14 thoughts on “Roel Manlangit is Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 Grand Winner

  1. ok na sana kung hindi standing ovation c shermon sa semi finals. wlang problima kay roel judges ang problima…….pilipinas got awa.

  2. roel you such an exotic performer in pgt…..kaya nga….ang ganda ng duet nyo with mis padilla….i know your worth to be a champion keep it up…your my idol roel…..despite all….trials you will be raise up

  3. kung singer lang naman lahat ang kukuning grand winner sa PGT.. bakit di nalang ibahin ang title ate gawing Pilipinas Got Singers… para maging fair naman sa mga sumasaling ibang talent ang ipinapakita.

  4. idol, i thing i say roel manlangit, believe the god, and believe your self,and makuha mo ay langit on your future, everything what should do, first thing is pray to our god he is the one who help you,,everything what you want,,good luck

  5. Congratulation Roel. You are undeniably the best talent among the rest. I am a fun of your talent. God bless.

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