It’s Showtime’s Ultimate Kalokalike Winner Is Former Macho Dancer Named Jon Romano?!

It’s Showtime‘s Ultimate Kalokalike winner Jonathan Garcia is currently buzzed out to be a former macho dancer during his younger days with screen name Jon Romano.

SHOWTIME'S ULTIMATE KALOKALIKE WINNER MACHO DANCERRumor has it that the said Christopher de Leon impersonator was a former macho dancer and once became a trainer of the deceased Tyron Perez and Allen Dizon on that field during their shoot of a rated R gay-themed movie.

As of this moment, Jonathan has not confirm this speculation.

For the photos of his alleged macho dancer years, JUST CLICK HERE. It is to be noted that those photos are rated SPG!

4 thoughts on “It’s Showtime’s Ultimate Kalokalike Winner Is Former Macho Dancer Named Jon Romano?!

  1. Based on the videos that I saw online, he didn’t mirror exactly Boyet de Leon. However, he was already declared a winner and there’s nothing we can do about that.

    Now on the issue that he is a former macho dancer, what now if it’s true? Does moral integrity and background make a difference being a winner of the said contest? I find it hard to comprehend, why such stories have to be field in or has to surface. Just my thoughts.

  2. Sana hindi na po nnyo pnakialaman ang tao may feelings din xa mahihiya at msasaktan sa mga sinasabi nyo.Whatever his past wla kayong pakialam buhay nya yun.Grbe nmn po kau npakapersonal na yan,pinapahiya nyo ang kapwa tao nyo.Sumali lng xa sa showtime pra magkapera wag nyo xa siraan mabait nmn xa khit anu pa ang past nya wag kau maghusga.hindi nman xa ganun ka sikat pra siraan nyo! Yun lng po..hindi ko xa kaanp.anu pro naawa lng ako sa knya

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