Lee Grane Is The Voice Of The Philippines’ Sarah McLachlan [Video]

A musical artist is born! Lee Grane performs a classic OPM single Anak on the Blind Audition of reality-talent program The Voice Of The Philippines which results to the approval of two coaches Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo. But it was her 2nd song of the night that made the four judges and the audience feel the inner soul of her music.

LEE GRANE THE VOICE OF THE PH BLIND AUDITION VIDEOCoach Lea Salonga who did not turn her chair for Lee alongside Allan Pineda Lindo requested for another performance from her. This time she was asked to sing an English song. She then sings her heart out with a Sarah McLachlan‘s trademark song, Angel. The four coaches and the audience were amaze to what they  have heard as it like lifting them up higher into the heaven with her superb, effortless and smooth singing prowess.

Lee chose Bamboo Mañalac over Sarah and the rock superstar welcomed her warmly. He even cry for her for the first time!

Lee Grane made it to the trending list nationwide and worldwide on Twitter at the top spot!

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