Angel Locsin Tops Rated K’s Top 10 List of Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines 2013

ABS-CBN‘s young superstar Angel Locsin was chosen as the no. 1 Most Beautiful Woman in the Philippines by talk and magazine show Rated K.

abs-cbn summer station Id 2013 angel locsin

Angel bested her co-actress Bea Alonzo in blockbuster hit movie Four Sisters And A Wedding which is showing presently, the ageless Angel Aquino, the witty Anne Curtis and the angel-faced Marian Rivera.

Check out the rankings below:

1. Angel Locsin
2. Bea Alonzo/ Angel Aquino
3. Anne Curtis
4. Angelica Panganiban
5. Marian Rivera
6. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo
7. Kim Chiu
8. Toni Gonzaga
9. KC ConcepcionMaja salvador
10. Dawn Zulueta

Revealed by award-winning host Korina Sanchez, the list is based on personal preference and is subjective to the panel of judges’ own definition of beauty by the panel of judges and not by mere popularity. The judges include famous photographer Xander Angeles, fashion stylist Pam Quinones, Yes Magazine’s Managing Director Anna Pingol, renowned fashion designer Fredrick Peralta and beauty expert Dra. Mary Jane Torres.

Do you agree with the list?!

16 thoughts on “Angel Locsin Tops Rated K’s Top 10 List of Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines 2013

  1. Filipino women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Filipino women, you know? I mean, Filipino women are thin and small. OK, some Western guys complain about too skinny Filipino ladies but they are beautiful. What else do you need from a girl?

  2. mas maganda pa kaya si melai contiveros kaysa kay Marian na yan no. Fantard kayo kc Angel Locsin n nman love it.

  3. when you say BEAUTIFUL it means HOLISTIC !! so kung bad ang ugali minus points. So i think tama lang na si ANGEL LOCSIN ang no. 1. Hindi kasi muka lang ang tinitingnan. 🙂

  4. Beauty is not all about being beautiful physically, it emanates from within and the way a woman carries herself in private and in public. To be beautiful is to be versatile in any way she is groomed. She must have that X factor, the beauty that is unfading even if you stare at her for a long time. That’s the beauty of Angel Locsin, lasting, unassuming and pure.

  5. The Beauty Experts have spoken: Angel Locsin is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE PHILIPPINES. Congratulations

  6. they’re both marian sobrang ganda..pero boring ANGEL LOCSIN hindi sya magandang maganda pero nakalakas ng appeal..hindi nakakasawa ang face.^_^

  7. kc concepcion is one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines, she is the most prettiest of them all, a lady with a beautiful face and with a beautiful heart. God bless you KC.:)

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