Julia Barretto’s “Cofradia” Cancelled!

Not shelved but cancelled! Julia Barretto‘s breakthrough project on television ‘Cofradia‘ has been axed by the ABS-CBN management according to some reports!

Julia-Barretto-Cofradia2 cancelled

Insiders say that Julia will be no longer star in the said TV adaptation but instead she will be starring in a new concept for her launching drama in the Kapamilya network. The decision was made by the ABS-CBN management due to the less impact by the viewers to the teen star’s MMK episode which registered an unsatisfactory ratings. There are also reports that it’s because of the controversial theme of the series (racism due to skin color differences- the one who stands – the white not the black) that brought the management to decide on its cancellation.

Julia-Barretto-Cofradia cancelled

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN are now on their moves to create another good concept for Julia’s launching drama project.

6 thoughts on “Julia Barretto’s “Cofradia” Cancelled!

  1. Based from a comicbook serial formerly Cofradia was replaced by a new name Mira Bella a new role will be played by Julia Varreto in her first starring role coming to ABS-CBN television soon worldwide on the Filipino Channel…. Thanks for the information.From:Wayne

  2. maganda face nya but she need more acting workshop hnd pa xia marunong umarte…..Tita Claudine nya magaling talaga umarte one of the best actresses in Philippine showbiz…

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