Full List of FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013 Revealed!

FHM Philippines finally reveals the full list of their annual ranking of FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2013 that hailed Marian Rivera on the top spot!

marian rivera is fhm sexiest woman in the world1 2013

Here’s what FHM Philippines’ say about Marian being on top:

She fulfilled her promise of a new world and you have expressed your gratitude by declaring her the Sexiest. Just recalling how we got here is one for the books: when we finally had her for the cover after five years of trying, we were that close to giving up. But only that close, because we didn’t. A confession: we had entertained doubts she would actually be able to deliver an FHM cover standard. With all the contracts and commitments, what would she be able to show? How wrong we were. What she allowed us to see, she gave prodigiously. No question, Marian Rivera is a paragon.

marian rivera is fhm sexiest woman in the world2 2013

FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013 Full List

90. Karylle
83. Paloma
66. Roxee B
65. Sheree
42. Jacq Yu

Check out the rankings of FHM Sexiest Women in the World last year (2012)

1. Sam  Pinto (GMA)
2. Angel Locsin (ABS-CBN)
3. Solenn Heussaff (GMA)
4. Cristine Reyes (ABS-CBN)
5. Marian Rivera (GMA)
6. Ellen Adarna (GMA)
7. Jackie Rice (GMA)
8. Bela  Padilla (GMA)
9. Jennylyn  Mercado (GMA)
10. Lovi Poe (GMA)

For the previous updates and rankings before the final and official announcement of the results, JUST CLICK HERE.

11 thoughts on “Full List of FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013 Revealed!

  1. ikaw king!saan ka maka kakita ng pig na sobrang sexy! angel locsin desrve all the awards!

  2. dont be bitter guys..if u really want your idol to win..vote for them.if she doesnt get it ur best wasnt good enough.ur not the one to decide.majority votes win!

  3. haha..angel deserves it more than marian.. c marian ang babaw UMARTE.. pg umiyak pinipilit e c angel ntural lng sknya.. ilan beses n xa nanominate in other award giving bodies as BEST ACTRESS n nline up s mga VETERANS e c marian never p db. c angel my best actress award n c marian laos.. at nver nkipgsgutan si angel s mga tao o fans.. e c marian ilang beses n.. ang dmi nang issue ni marian about s ibng tao e c ngel wla p.. anu yng iniidolo nio pangit ugali…c angel npkahumble e c marian palengkera..db?hahahaha boom! GO ANGEL..!

  4. pangit c marian malandi at palingkera. bobo. walang pinag aralan. you don’t deserve it… GO angel GO…

  5. for me the sexiest woman is with height, nice curves, good attitude, nice personality, brain, beauty, dress well and with class

  6. Blockbuster star?! big ‘?’ …TVC Queen? care to enumerate…Versatile actress? oh really? Primetime Queen? “Prime time” refers to Kapamilya Teleseryes…while its Telebabad for GMA..quite confused eh?

  7. Hail HIGH Ms. Marian Rivera, You deserve it! No one else lalo na ang PIG na Angel ANGHIT na yan!

  8. hahah kawawang baboy Angel locsin hindi na nag top 1! Marian Rules, Primetime Queen, Sexiest Woman, Blockbuster Star, TVC Queen, Most VERSATILE Actress!!

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