Raymart Santiago Reveals Claudine Barretto’s Drug Addiction

Actor Raymart  Santiago reveals ‘ex-wife’ Claudine Barretto did used drugs!

claudine barretto drugs scandalRaymart files a counter affidavit to the Marikina Regional Trial Court against Clau after the latter filed case of permanent protection order and violence against women and children for being physically and emotionally abused against the former. According to Raymart, the award-winning actress has been using drugs and it ruined their marriage life. Photos showing Clau’s alleged forced rehab are presented as evidence as well as Raymart’s bruises as a result of Clau’s attacks. He also revealed the she also used drugs in front of their children! Now that’s bad (if  true)!

Meanwhile, Clau’s camp keeps mum and states that the said revelation by Raymart is not the issue here. Clau is set to have her big come-back in the Kapamilya network. But with many controversies including her former maid who also accuse her of criminal acts plus this one, then lets expect that her entrance to ABS-CBN will be delayed!

22 thoughts on “Raymart Santiago Reveals Claudine Barretto’s Drug Addiction

  1. kaya di nakapagtatakang ang lakas ng trip nya magwala sa airport that time dahil bangag na bangag sya tsk! what a disgrace

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