KathNiel’s Got To Believe Shooting Disturbs De La Salle Community!?

The shooting of KathNiel‘s Primetime series Got To Believe draws disturbance to the De La Salle students, reports say.

GOT TO BELIEVE KATHNIEL full trailer NEW DRAMA 2013Based from the message posted online by De La Salle University Student Council President Jheng Sakay, La Sallians are protesting against the shooting of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s hit TV  Series in DLSU Dasmarinas campus as it already disrupted and disturbed several classes. In addition, the students reportedly were against to the shooting since it caused a lot of inconvenience and it might harm them consequently.

Jheng Sakay posted this message online:

Lasallians, wondering why there is  no shooting of Got To Believe today?

It is  a clear manifestation that the voice voice each and  every students is being heard. That our  administration is doing its part to protect and preserve our rights and interests. It’s just a  start. Let us wait  and support the OVCFAS for taking necessary actions to address this concern.

If it’s true that the Got To Believe team has disturbed the community, this will be a big problem for them as they will look for another location for the schooling scenes. We just hope this misunderstanding will be covered up with full and rational understanding.

2 thoughts on “KathNiel’s Got To Believe Shooting Disturbs De La Salle Community!?

  1. Well, I am a KN fan and also a student from DLSU-D. If there’s an on going shooting, for me, it’s the choice of the students if they’ll attend their class or not, it’s their choice and even the professors if they’ll let themselves to be disturbed. I guess, the ones who reported that it caused a lot of inconvenience and it might harm them consequently are not fans of KathNiel/Kathryn/Daniel. Since, I am a KathNiel/Kathryn/Daniel avid fan, for me, it didn’t caused me that much inconvenience. I just don’t know with the harm thing ’cause I don’t see any hint of it. I hope the shooting of G2B will be at DLSU-D again! 😦 Pang-inspire din yun lalo na at finals na! :)) And sem break is near na rin naman. (: Kawawa naman yung G2B team kung maghahanap pa ng bagong shooting site. 😦 But I understand rin naman the side of the other students of DLSU-D. *sigh* I just really wish na doon sila ulit mag-shoot. :”) ❤

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