She’s The One Rakes P95.89M in Two Weeks!

Star Cinema’s She’s The One rakes P95.89 Million in  two weeks  according  to independent tabulator, Box Office Mojo Philippines.


The most romantic movie of the year has topped the Box Office Charts for two consecutive weeks from October 23-27, 2013. She’s The One stars Bea ALonzo, Enrique Gil and Dingdong Dantes and is directed by Mae Cruz and also features Maricar Reyes, Liza Soberano as Gillian, Perla Bautista, Pinky Amador, Guji Lorenzana, Coleen Garcia, Daniel Matsunaga and LJ Reyes.

Currently, the said film is ranked 4th of Highest Grossing Pinoy Films of 2013.

Highest Grossing Pinoy Films of 2013

1. It Takes A Man And A Woman- Star Cinema/Viva Films (P375.02M)
2. Four Sisters And A Wedding– Star Cinema (P145.03M)
3. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo– Star Cinema (P102.36M)
4. She’s The One– Star Cinema (P95.89M)*
5. Bromance: My Brother’s Romance– Skylight/Star Cinema (P73.85M)^
6. A Moment In Time– Star Cinema (P64.55M)
7. Must Be Love– Star Cinema (P60.74M)
8. Momzillas– Star Cinema (P55.27M)
9. Kung Fu Divas– Star Cinema/Reality Ent. (P32.77M)
10. Tuhog– Star Cinema (P24.69M)


11. My Lady Boss – GMA Films/Regal Films (P19.45M)
12. On The Job– Star Cinema (P11.70M)
13. The Bride And The Lover – Regal Films (P10.40M)
14. Seduction– Regal Films (P6.59M)
15. Raketeros– Star Cinema (P4.50M)
16. Alagwa– Star Cinema (1.90M)
17. Metro Manila– Captive Entertainment (P645,687) ++

  • Menor de Edad– Viva Films (no reported G.I.)#
  • EKSTRA- Star Cinema (no reported G.I.)#
  • The Fighting Chefs– Viva Films (no reported G.I.)
  • Juana C The Movie– (no reported  G.I.)
  • Dance of the Steelbars– Portfolio/ GMA Films (no reported G.I.)++
  • Coming Soon – Viva Films (no reported G.I.)
  • Huling Henya- Viva Films (no reported G.I.)


+ Gross income reported not by BOM, but release from film outlet/producers * Still showing
# Independent Films
^ MainDie Films (Partly Mainstream, partly Independent)

++ Independent film produced by foreign country/producer


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