Arnold Clavio to Napoles’ Lawyer Alfredo Villamor, “Panira Ka Ng Araw Eh” During An Exclusive Interview! [VIDEO]

GMA‘s newscaster Arnold Clavio throws side comments over Janet Napoles‘ lawyer Atty. Alfredo Villamor during a phone patch exclusive interview on Unang Hirit.

Arnold Clavio-785867

According to netizens, Clavio’s comments are rude and disgusting. Some of his comments are “Panira ka ng araw eh” (You spoil/ruin my day) and “wala akong nakuha sa inyo (We did not obtain any relevant information from you)”. Then, Clavio cut off Atty. Villamor on air.

Watch the video below and you decide if Clavio was rude on that interview or he was just executing his right as the newscaster?!

50 thoughts on “Arnold Clavio to Napoles’ Lawyer Alfredo Villamor, “Panira Ka Ng Araw Eh” During An Exclusive Interview! [VIDEO]

  1. allan nubla, all your points are pointless… you need further analysis of the story… tek na yan ang hina makagets… bobo mo 😛

  2. Well, in the first place, Clavio knew that Atty. Villamor is the lawyer of Napoles in a case for Serios Illegal Detention, he even mention it when he was trying to introduced the Atty. and yet he is inssisting for PDAF issue. He’s the one na ” Panira ng Araw ng Atty”.)

  3. This is quite simple. I think Arnold simply got frustrated because the interviewer misunderstood him at the outset. There was never any mention of the PDAF case from Arnold, and the lawyer just assumed that his question regarding the Senate hearing was about that. Arnold’s interview is all about the serious illegal detention case, no more no less. He got impatient when the lawyer continuously & repeatedly denied having anything to do with the PDAF case (when in fact, that wasn’t the case he was being interviewed about). Arnold just tossed the follow up question about the hearing being a good time for Napoles to answer inquiry about the PDAF case. Although I do not condone the rudeness, it was not without cause. On the other hand, he should have been more understanding about the lawyer misinterpreting his question, because it IS very early in the morning, and Atty. Villamor was probably still half asleep, and his mind wasn’t as alert as it should be. In any case, there was no need for such rudeness and utter disrespect, especially on national TV, and to a person who is actually doing the show a favor by waking up that early to answer questions.

  4. napikon si sir Arnold kasi wala siyang nakuhang information kaya parang nasira araw nya mga nonsense ang mga sagot

  5. First off, Arnold Clavio introduces attorney Villamor as Janet Lim Napoles’ lawyer in the Illegal detention case. So, please try re-evaluating your comments Mr. Allan Nubla.

  6. Ethan, dont compare Clavio to the Tulfos because magkaiba sila ng mga kausap. Arnold Clavio is talking to a lawyer for Pete’s sake. And the Tulfos have reasons to speak like that. They’re usually talking to people who do unlawful acts. Its not about defending Napoles. The answers of atty was even clearer that Clavio’s questions. They want something new? How about the truth? Eh kung sa wala pa naman talagang schedule eh. And, wittiness and rudeness are nouns. Dont use them as adjectives.

    Allan Nubla. 1: I think he knows what the interviewer might ask, malabo lang talaga questions ni Arnold and paulit-ulit

    2: Malay ba niya na tungkol sa PDAF gusto ni Arnold. Kung di iyon ang kailangan ng mga tao, bakit yun yung tinatanong ni Arnold given that HE KNOWS that the atty’s handling the illegal detention case not the PDAF case. (Siya pa mismo nag-introduce kay atty)

    3: Atty won’t bother filing a case on that nonsense. Mas madami siyang mas mahalagang pinagkakaabalahan. I dont think papatulan pa niya

    4: As far as I know, he’s answers are direct. Di lang talaga gets ni Arnold.

    5: FYI, hindi niya kinuha ang case na binitawan ni Atty. Kapunan. Atty. Villamor is handling a different case! Please do your own research bago ka magbitaw ng kung anu-ano. Para kang si Arnold.

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