Korina Sanchez Lambasted by Netizens For Slamming CNN News anchor Anderson Cooper

ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez gets criticisms from the netizens after she slams CNN news anchorman Anderson Cooper who tweeted about his experience in Tacloban particularly the slow rescue operation by the government.

kORINA VS COOPER & DAVILABecause of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), local and international media personalities are now talking about the Philippines. Most of them are in Tacloban City today, Nov. 14, 2013(Philippine time) where the Super Typhoon landed last Friday morning.

The Philippine government is working so hard to help the victims of Yolanda, but it seems that the government’s effort to help the needy in Tacloban City are not enough. The tweets of Anderson Cooper, one of the ace reporters of CNN who is now in Tacloban City to cover the damage and distribution of relief goods, are proof of the government’s failure.

There is no real evidence of organized recovery of relief. It is demolition not a construction job here. I have not seen a large Philippine military presence out around here. The search and rescue never materialized. There are mothers searching for their children, it is a sickening sight five days later.

Anderson’s tweets have immediately spread in local media after a few minutes of posting. Incidentally, the tweets have also read by Korina Sanchez, wife of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas who is also in Tacloban City to assist the victims of super typhoon Yolanda.

Ms. Korina Sanchez denied the allegation of Mr. Cooper. “Anderson Cooper doesn’t know what he is talking about,” said the local but popular broadcast journalist.

In the middle of dispute between Korina Sanchez, Anderson Cooper and the netizens, ABS-CBN News anchor Karen Davila tweeted her belief about the issue. “I believe, Anderson Copper was reporting exactly what he saw and got news first hand from those waiting for relief,” Karen Davila tweeted. [source: examiner.com]

Korina is now lambasted by the netizens after her blind item on her radio program was aired pointing out in a somewhat “bitter manner” about a “blonde reporter of CNN” who reported false information regarding the situation in Tacloban.





What’s your opinion with this issue? 

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