Korina Sanchez To Take One-Week Leave of Absence From TV Patrol ; Vacation or Suspension ?!

ABS-CBN news anchorwoman Korina Sanchez is reportedly taking a one week leave of absence from her news program TV Patrol.

According to reliable sources, Korina will not be seen in the said news program for one week due to the award-winning newscaster’s request for a vacation. But some insiders say that she will be taking a one-week rest due to the negativism and bad image she got after her blind item over CNN News anchor Anderson Cooper whose reports she described as false and inaccurate saying, “That blonde newscaster does not know what he is talking about”. Due to this, Korina was lambasted by netizens  and insiders say this is the real reason that she will take a rest from TV exposure. [Click for the Full Story]

korina sanchez leaving tv patrol

Netizens, do you believe that Korina’s absence is for vacation (as she requested) or is it a punishment for her remarks against Mr. Cooper? Let your voice be heard!

7 thoughts on “Korina Sanchez To Take One-Week Leave of Absence From TV Patrol ; Vacation or Suspension ?!

  1. Korina Sanchez should at least show professionalism towards her fellow news anchors be it in foreign or local media. Nakakahiya, may pa ‘blind item’ pa sya, so cheap! Her negative reaction to such situation is uncalled for.

  2. Kung hindi sya masususpinde. Hindi na makakakuha ng award ang ABS-CBN sa mga international award giving body. Malalagay din sa alanganin ang ABS-CBN sa mga kapisanan ng international media.

  3. she’s been acting superior and untouchable in ABS-CBN…projecting good image by giving away SLIPPERS AND 500 PESOS…with that she must have thought that she can beat Anderson Cooper with SLIPPERS AND THEN PAY A DAMAGE OF 500 PESOS…STUPID WOMAN

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