Anne Curtis Goes Wild and Violent in Club Scandal; Slaps John Lloyd Cruz!

It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis goes wild and violent in a certain club and slaps two celebrities and the “actor” John Lloyd Cruz.

Anne Curtis Alcohol Club Scandal2

According to JR Isaac, an ace photographer who was present in the club scandal incident was in a state of shock after experiencing Anne’s unexpected behavior. He opened the issue with with the following statements below:

They were on the club’s second floor, in the VIP section, one half of which had been cordoned off that night for a private party. That private party, it turned out, was a bachelorette affair hosted by Anne Curtis for a girlfriend about to get married.

The layout of the VIP floor, explains JR, is such that the toilet was shared by the guests on that floor. The toilet entrance was also near the VIP bar. JR adds, “If you’re going to the toilet, you have no choice but to pass near the cordoned-off area.”

He relates the seconds leading up to the incident.

“Leah and I are just between the toilet door and the bar. I think I was standing and waiting for my drink, talking to Leah.

“Then we heard a loud voice saying, ‘Who’s banging my door?’ We didn’t know who or where it was at first! Just loud, coming from behind us. When we turned around, we saw, stepping out of the toilet, Anne, very mad.

“Then all of a sudden, pak-pak. My left cheek. Then Leah was also slapped. Then JL was also slapped.

“This all happened so fast. Anne was making so much noise, shouting at JL: ‘You are an addict!’

“Ang bilis, di ko na alam ang nangyayari. Basta wala akong narinig from JL, he behaved like a gentleman. Makikita mo talaga kung sino yung well-mannered pag may ganyan.”

The next thing JR remembers is that Anne had turned her ire on Phoemela, and said, ‘You, what are you doing here?’”

JR continues, “Anne screamed, with finger pointing at Phoem the whole time, like she pointed it at JL. She had all this rage, she was agit [agitated].

“She was drunk but, di ba, when you’re drunk, you’re wobbly? She was not wobbly. She was strong, parang she could hurt us all!

“Anne screamed, with finger pointing at Phoem Barranda, saying, ‘I can buy you, your friends, and this club!’

“Commotion na. Pinaghiwalay na kami ng bouncers ng management.”

Asked to recall how he and his friends Leah and John Lloyd—the three who had been slapped—reacted, JR says: “Shocked! We didn’t know how to retaliate. Wala.

“I was ushered away. I was trembling. They calmed me down. “A lot of people saw the whole thing. I had never been slapped like that before. I didn’t know what to do.

“The management and [club] PR all came to our table and apologized to us. They saw the whole thing. They know we were the ones slapped.

“In the end, we stayed. We didn’t allow it to ruin our night.

“Then, minutes after the commotion, I saw Anne escorted out. We, we stayed. We had been coming here so many times! Anne was not a regular, so why should we let her make us leave?

“But we didn’t want to talk about it. It was a relaxed night with friends.”

JR, on the other hand had forgiven Anne for what she had done on that night after the latter send a message of apology.

Any reactions netizens?

24 thoughts on “Anne Curtis Goes Wild and Violent in Club Scandal; Slaps John Lloyd Cruz!

  1. Typical Bogus celebrity, not at all sorry for what she did, just sorry she got caught !!
    People need to stop worshipping these so called Stars. Too bad she didn’t slap a different person who would have beat the Shit out of her.

  2. I believe something triggered Anne to become like that.. there are times that we get so mad that we loose our composure.. and you cannot say that “well-mannered” thingy coz psychologically speaking, thats normal.. coz if im on her shoes and im in the toilet and someone will bang the door? i will not slap the person.. ill shoot their -SKULL- using a bazooka.. XD why? coz thats not well-mannered at all too.. hehe

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