Top 100 Philippine Artists 2013 Preliminary Round

Year 2013 is officially over but we cannot just sit around and not recognize the Top 100 Philippine Artists of 2013 who made the Year of Water Snake entertaining and satisfying from television to movies to radio to print ads and to all other media.

Top 100 Philippine Artist 2013

These artists carried out their respective performances to the highest level and were recognized excellently for their contribution to their craft from different fields of entertainment, which they fit in– acting, singing, hosting, modeling and representing the country worldwide.

There are about 200 nominees included in this annual poll. In fact, we are now in our 5th year of ranking down the Philippine Artists who successfully executed their projects particularly in the entertainment and showbiz sections.

For the preliminary round, the almost 200 nominees will undergo a poll survey using the Polldaddy system where you can vote as many as you can. However, voters may encounter a temporary block message or notice from casting your vote if you achieved the limited votes that an IP address can obtain. This is an automatic sanction by Polldaddy. This happens when you voted more than 50,000 votes every day.

From 200 nominees, only 50 celebrities will make it to the final round. The same utilization of voting system is applied: The External & Internal Votes System


This constitutes 60% of the total votes. And it will come from the netizen’s votes where they can vote in Polldaddy.

  • Preliminary Round – You can vote as many as you can starting January 9, 2014 until closing time on January 30, 2014.
  • Final Round- You can vote as many as you can starting January 31, 2014 until February 15, 2014 where only 50 nominees remained.


This constitutes the remaining 40% of the total votes. And this will be based from the site’s assessments on the artist’s individual or team projects in different areas of entertainment namely movie, TV shows, drama series, endorsements, magazine covers, music, awards, international credits and other related factors.


  • 2012: Kim Chiu
  • 2011: Anne Curtis
  • 2010: Kim Chiu
  • 2009: John Lloyd Cruz

Important note: If you think someone deserving was not included in the poll, you can still vote for her/him/them by citing their name in others tab (see below) of the Polldaddy image so that we can add it to the Poll List after verification.


119 thoughts on “Top 100 Philippine Artists 2013 Preliminary Round

  1. Sam Concepcion is the number 1 for me. He can sing, act, dance, host and he’s an adorable VJ. Vote for him. Please?

  2. I was little sad coz KHALIL RAMOS is not part 😦 but I still love all Kapamilyas 🙂

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