Less Diverse Housemates in PBB All In Attract Mixed Reactions From Netizens; Is #PBBScripted?

Sunday, April 27, 2014, eighteen (18) housemates including host Alex Gonzaga were introduced to the world as the latest edition of Pinoy Big Brother All In was launched. Noticeably almost all of them are financially stable based from their background introduction. All of them are pretty and handsome and some are transparently have connection in the entertainment field. So the effect of this year’s line-up stirred netizens’ attention in major social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

pbb all in housemates 2014

Over ten thousands of hopefuls have kicked their ass off lining up for the auditions of this hit reality program. But only 18 stays and qualified to enter Kuya’s House. Netizens and followers of PBB are expecting for interesting individuals to stay in Kuya’s House. Different, extra-ordinary, simple and diverse. So what happened to this latest edition that it received more criticisms and negative feedback from netizens?

Twittizens react to the new set of housemates using the hashtag #PBBScripted that dominated Twitter nationwide and worldwide last night until today is a substantial basis that the line-up of PBB All In Housemates is less diverse. And with that, it looked liked a homogeneous,  awful, scripted season of a reality program.







While there were bashers, the avid fans of the show has good taste to say and defended the line-up of housemates:



For those who missed to witness the introduction of the PBB All In housemates, you can check their names below:

1. Alex Torres – “Jock-Next-Door ng Taguig”, 19
2. Jane Oineza – “Rising Celebriteen ng Quezon Cuty”,17
3. Cess Visitacion – “Biba Rakatera ng Valenzuela”, 23
4. Chevin Cecilio – “Simpatikong Salesman ng Cam Cur”, 22
5. Nichole Barranda – “Sweet Revelation ng Makati”, 15
6. Aina Solano – “Dancing Bombshell ng Boracay”, 21
7. Joshua Garcia– “Tatay’s Boy ng Batangas”, 16
8. Jayme Ann Jalandoni– “Devoted Daughter ng Las Pinas”, 23
9. Manolo Pedrosa – “Wonder Son ng Quezon City”, 16
10. Maris Racal– “Singing Sunshine ng Davao”, 16
11. Ranty Portento – “Maginoong Marino ng Quezon”, 26
12. Michelle Gumabao – “Spunky Spiker ng Quezon City”, 21
13. Jacob Benedicto – “Cutie Crooner ng Paranque”, 21
14. Loisa Andalio– “Talented Darling ng Paranaque”, 15
15. Roberto Solomon IV – “Brad Bait ng Pasay”, 23
16. Roberto Solomon V – “Brad Kulit ng Pasay”, 23
17. Vickie Marie Rushton – “Lady Mahinhin ng Bacolod”, 23
18. Alex Gonzaga – “Sassy Sister ng Rizal”, 26

The 18th and final housemate to enter Kuya’s house is none other than Alex Gonzaga but it was further revealed that she will be joining the PBB All In as a host but will participate in the house as a housemate.

How about you readers, do you think the housemates will bring interest to viewers or the other way around?

Share your thoughts!

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