Darren Espanto Wins Philippines’ Most Loved Celebrity 2014, Defeats Kim Chiu for the First Time!

The Voice of the Philippines Kids’ 1st runner-up, Darren Espanto was hailed by netizens as Philippines’ Most Loved Celebrity of 2014! It was the first time that Kim Chiu got booted out of the title after winning it for the past four (4) consecutive years.


Yes, he’s just a rookie in the entertainment world but Darren also known by his fans as Big D has achieved a large fanbases not only in the Philippines but also around the world due to his voice prowess, amazing stage appeal and world-class performances where he is flexible of any genre of music he performed. Indeed, a worthy of the love of the people.

The thirteen-year old Mr. Domino has defeated Chiu, newbie Maris Racal, Bridges star Xian Lim and his The Voice Coach, Sarah Geronimo.

Darren achieved a whopping 57,256 likes, 501,654 shares and over 1 million comments making him as the most voted entry in Facebook as well as in Twitter ranking with 265,789 votes. In website Polldaddy, he garnered 323,543 votes landing him on 3rd spot where Chiu topped the ranking.

Right after the announcement, Darrenatics pour their greetings and congratulations to Darren.


The results is a symbol of unity, teamwork and determination of Darren’s fans for what they believed that Darren is worthy of the title.

FINAL Name of Celebrity TOTAL VOTES
1 Darren Espanto 3,530,242
2 Kim Chiu 3,134,119
3 Maris Racal 2,017,162
4 Xian Lim 1,040,889
5 Sarah Geronimo 597,847
6 Jane Oineza 576,022
7 Angel Locsin 365,965
8 Kathryn Bernardo 313,564
9 Daniel Padilla 216,900
10 Julia Montes 187,253

For transparency, Total tally of votes without deduction due to violations is shown below, Darren Espanto remains the winner of this poll!

1. Darren Espanto – 12,352,972
2. Kim Chiu – 12,034,601

Break down:

FB – 11,763,640
Twitter – 265,789
Web Poll – 323,543
Accum. Votes – 12,352,972

FB- 9,118,264
Twitter – 167,291
Web Poll – 2,749,046
Accum. Votes – 12,034,601


Despite misunderstandings, Darrenatics remain firm in loving Darren by not stopping to support him through voting.

We would like to apologize to those fans may it be from KimXian, Maristellers, Janesters, Popsters and especially to Darrenatics if we hurt your feelings. We all know that we tried our best to make the best possible outcome with transparency, credibility and honesty!

Thank you netizens for the warm, unending and ceaseless support! #NetizensPower

Kudos to Darrenatics, Darren International, and other Darren’s fans club!


25 thoughts on “Darren Espanto Wins Philippines’ Most Loved Celebrity 2014, Defeats Kim Chiu for the First Time!

  1. He is a Very good Performer.. When he starting to sing.. mapapa “wow” ka talaga.. sa sobrang galing niya.. kahit anong genre kayang kaya niya.. Grabe ka “IDOL”

    God Bless..

  2. he is super talented.. he deserved it. to tell you honestly, ang talent ni darren wley masabi mga stars sa abs.. bigyan lng to ng tamang exposure,ilalampaso panigurado ang mga talents nila..even daniel padilla..

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