Marlou Arizala Undergoes Plastic Surgery; Change Name to Xander Ford

Hasht5 popular member, Marlou Arizala is trending as of the present time as photos of him undergoing procedures for plastic surgery have gone viral in social media.

Marlou who was not blessed with appealing physical attributes have allegedly undergone plastic surgery to improves his physique.

Many uploaders have foreseen the outcome of his surgery. Please watch the video above.


Plastic surgery has been one of the most controversial issue in the showbiz industry. Some people are against with it saying that we must be proud of what God has given to us. But there are some who is okay with it emphasizing that if he/she wanted to elevate his/her confidence in life, then there’s no room to hear other’s opinions provided that he/she is happy with the result and it’s their own money that they spend.

Marlou, 20, who is currently under Star Image Artists Management is set to have his new face with new name, Xander Ford.

We hope for your fast recovery and an effective result of your surgery.

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