Enchanted Garden

Title: Enchanted Garden Broadcasting Network: TV5 Premiere Date: July 30, 2012 End of Broadcast: unconfirmed Schedule: Monday-Friday/Primetime slot Genre: Eco-Fantasy, Romance Plot: Enchanted Garden is set against the entrancing garden world of Eden, parallel to the land of mortals where Queen Jasmina and her daughters Alvera, Valeriana and Quassia live. Alvera, Valerianna and Quassia are… Read More Enchanted Garden

Third Eye

Title: Third Eye Broadcasting Network: TV5 Premiere Date: July 29, 2012 End of Broadcast: _______? Schedule: Sunday/Primetime block Genre: Horror, Suspense Plot: The story revolves on Cassandra, a young girl who investigates the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend. In her quest to find and save him, she discovers her ability to see creatures of a… Read More Third Eye

Nandito Ako

Title: Nandito Ako Broadcasting Network: TV5 Premiere Date: February 20, 2012 End of Broadcast: March 23, 2012 Schedule: Mon-Fri/8:45 PM Genre: Drama, Romantic Plot: (credits to wikipedia) Josh, a Filipino-American, was born and raised in the Philippines until he was 6 years old when he got separated from his mother, Cara, during a hotel fire. After the incident, he moved and lived… Read More Nandito Ako


Title: Valiente Network: TV5 Premiere Date: February 13, 2012 End of Broadcast: ________? Schedule: Monday-Friday/9:15 PM Genre: Drama, Family, Action Plot: (credits to wikipedia) The soap’s story centered on two best friends: Don Armando Braganza and Damian Valiente, most especially their sons, Theo Braganza and Gardo Valiente, whose lives are opposite from one another. Theo… Read More Valiente

P.S. I Love You

Title: P.S. I LOVE YOU Network: TV5 Premieres: November 21, 2011 End of airing: _____________ Schedule: Mon-Fri/Primetime block Genre: Drama, Romance Directed by: Robert Cabral, Elaine Lozada Synopsis: credits to wikipedia Mark’s family business suffered from bankruptcy during the time he planned to marry Kristine. Soon after, Kristine accepted the marriage proposal of millionaire Antonio… Read More P.S. I Love You