Deniece Cornejo Strikes Again: “Vhong Navarro Raped Me Twice”

CHANGESDeniece Cornejo now declared to the public that she was raped TWICE by host/comedian Vhong Navarro! Isn’t amazing? – NO!, Isn’t surprising? – NO! Isn’t it?! KNOCK OUT!

deniece milinette cornejo and cedriccornejo speaks upIn a counter affidavit, Deniece (who seemed to dislike the exposure of another alleged rape victim, Roxanne Acosta) claims that she was raped by Navarro twice:

  • January 17, 2014 (the night that Deniece performed an oral sex as what Navarro said)
  • January 22, 2014 (the mauling incident with Cedric Lee‘s Group in Deniece ‘s Condo)


On her counter affidavit, Deniece narrated that: “I initially did not say anything about the rape on the 17th because I was very ashamed about it. I did not want everyone to know that Kuya Vhong had entered me and had forced himself upon me.”

The reason behind the change of statement regarding the January 17 incident was due to Navarro’s statement that she performed an oral sex. Deniece denied it and rather insisted that she was raped for the first time!

She also had doubts to the elevator CCTV Footage obtained by the NBI and describe it  as “unauthenticated, evidently tampered and altered.”

3 thoughts on “Deniece Cornejo Strikes Again: “Vhong Navarro Raped Me Twice”

  1. baliw kana deniece!magsama kau ni roxanne na laos na beauty quenn!grabe ang kakapal ng mukha nyo!gumamit pa kau ng ibang tao para sumikat!

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