Filipinos Furious Over Justin Bieber’s Instagram Photos Mocking Manny Pacquiao!!

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber is bombarded by negative reactions and feedback from angry Filipinos for mocking Philippine’s People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao!
Justin bieber mocks and making fun of pacquiao instagram photo2
In his Instagram account, the “Baby” singer posted 2 photos showing Manny Pacquiao’s knock out highlights in the 4th Battle of Pacquiao VS Marquez. One photo has a caption of “Wake-up Dad” where a Disney character is inserted when Pacquiao was asleep in the corner after Marquez knocked him out in the 6th round. The other photo reveals Pacquiao with music legend Michael Jackson.
Filipinos get furious and stress that those photos are mocking and making fun of the Pambansang Kamao! Netizens flooded their disappoints for it was insulting towards Pacquiao and The Philippines as well.
Here are some popular tweets from netizens with the worldwide trend #RspectPhilippinesBieber:

Justin Bieber, messing with the Filipinos will be one of your life’s biggest regrets. Good luck to you! #RespectThePhilippinesBieber

Dear Bieber, Pagsisihihan mo yan. Promise.:)#RespectThePhilippinesBieber #RespectPacman

An opinion is different from an insult. Make yourself worthy of your FAME @justinbieber #RespectThePhilippinesBieber

And lets face it. That was not just an opinion.#respectthephilippinesbieber

RT @nikkidelapaz: Ok I just saw bieber’s posts. Very unclassy and uncalled for. #respectthephilippinesbieber

“NO to pacquiao-marquez 5. YES to Pacquiao-Bieber. HAHA#respectthephilippinesbieber” so this is the guy who people IDOLIZE no respect

Dear#Philippines Please forgive @justinbieber 4 insulting our champ#MannyPacquiao #PACMAN #RespectPACMANBieber#RespectThePhilippinesBieber

An opionion is different from an insult. Remember that:)#respectthephilippinesbieber

Filipino Beliebers Have you done your homework on Patriotism?#RespectThePhilippinesBieber

#RespectThePhilippinesBieber that goes for you guys justin beliebers .. You don’t know how it feels because you’ve been blinded by gayness

SO SAD becuz of the fake-unpatriotic-filipino beliebers who chose to luv a foreign singer than to defend a hero#RespectThePhilippinesBieber

We know that you’re famous BUT WHERE’S THE RESPECT?#RespectThePhilippinesBieber

Justin bieber mocks and making fun of pacquiao instagram photojustin

Meanwhile, Justin’s fans club called Beliebers defend their idol quoting, “It was only Justin’s opinion!”. Term Filipino Beliebers also trends in Twitter worldwide. Check out below how fans of the singer reacted and defended their idol.

BooBoo ‏@omgfunnyposts

What? #RespectThePhilippinesBieber, did you guys respect him? Hell no, so you have no rights to blame him for being real. That’s his opinion


“Dear Filipino “Beliebers”, Justin is just stating out his opinion. No, he doesn’t hate your country. He’s just telling what he feels.”

 ‏@purplefangirl Justin can lose millions of his filipino fans, but FILIPINO BELIEBERS will stay and keep loving him no matter what.

@RodolfoAila @thomsondy but it’s a joke … He is human too comon

He posts a photo of someone beating a Fillipino boxer and this trends-#RespectThePhilippinesBieber Seriously go cry in a corner Phillipines

#RespectThePhilippinesBieber demands that a foreigner respect Filipinos, and yet some Filipinos can’t give respect to #LGBTFilipinos.

Ang ibang tao sa internet ang lakas mang-away pero sa totoong buhay wala namang ibabato. *cough* #RespectThePhilippinesBieber*cough*😛

Good guys always win. I know we can make it through Filipino beliebers#FILIPINOBELIEBERSLOVEJUSTIN Boy Belieber ‏@ednobeltran Filipino Beliebers will stay with Justin okay? Hope some beliebers will not think that we’re gonna leave him. NO. Forever Belieber:)

pacquiao knock down

So what do you think guys, did Justin made a mistake this time? Will he apologize? Will the Filipino people accept it?!

11 thoughts on “Filipinos Furious Over Justin Bieber’s Instagram Photos Mocking Manny Pacquiao!!

  1. damn you beiber, you will loose your fame soon and youll just like the other singer who are now a just nobody!!! just wait and see!

  2. mukang kulto tong si JB?! just look at what he did? malamang kung ssbhin nya na in his opinion ang angel ay may sungay at buntot, malamang maniniwala tong mga baliwbers na to. mali n nga xa, tama pa din skanila??? wow naman! pg tumakbong presidente yang c JB malamang may pagkahitler lang yan… nung una kay JB lng ako badtrip, ngaun pti s mga fans nya nkakainit n ng ulo, puro hangin laman ng utak. ang simple simple lang d nila magets? di naman galit pinoy dhil lang c manny pinaguusapan, galit tayo kc namamahiya c jB at a very sensitive time, filipinos like putting jokes to someone, the good thing is that we never put joke on anyone that’s already in a very deep and serious situation. we usually joke on people at their peak of success, kc in fairness inaalala pa din naman ng iba na by a chance makakapamwisit lang cla at hindi makakasakit ng sobra. kht kanino naman gnawa ni jb un kht kay ted bundy pa, foul pa din manghiya s taong nakakaramdam n ng pain. grabe, kht 5 years old maggets un.

  3. Justin sucks Mayweathers d*ck!!! Now he wants some more! He makes jokes about Manny so that Mayweather can do him again!!! Oh Floyd, are you proud of me?! ~ Don’t get mad, it’s just my opinion!!! Faggot!

  4. Can’t wait for you to come here to our island and I’ll lay you down face first with one shot to the head!!! ~ Ooooppppsss, it’s just my opinion😀

  5. seriously dude?? how dare you make fun of him?? Can you be a better boxer than Manny?? you don’t even know how to punch bitch! I was a bieber fan and regularly visited your site for updates but for what you did, is really offensive on our race and for Manny.. YOU BASTARD!!

  6. Hey Justin “Gay” Bieber, come to Philippines, do a concert and we will all throw a gas tank, coke and glass bottle on u.. I wish u will die in few seconds 1..2..3…….NOW!!!!

  7. ~justin bieber ur jerk we want to kill you..ur unpolite…u dnt know hw t respeck ematured…i hope u get losed all of ur fans……..frm now i dnt want t heard ur fake voice…..bullshit

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